Stories of the American Dream

When immigrants leave their homes to come to the United States, it is not because they are expecting a free ride. They do so because they believe in themselves and they trust their dreams will be fulfilled.
Sahid Chowdhudy - Thieves and Sandwiches
Sahib arrived in the United States with his family after a 30-hour flight. The hardest part of leaving his country of Bangladesh 🇧🇩, was leaving his family, friends, and neighbors behind. While studying Business Administration, Chowdhudy knew he wanted to be his own boss, and today he owns a small convenience store in Florida.

Although he misses home, especially playing cricket, the national sport in Bangladesh, Sahid likes his life in the United States; enjoying the freedom and opportunities that this country has to offer.

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Tania Ramírez - The Guitar, Beans and Cheese
“We thought that the USA was the best country to raise our children, there were jobs. In those days, we were welcomed. Thank God, everything has worked out… In fact, I am now a citizen of this country.”

Tania Ramírez and her two children emigrated to the United States from Nicaragua 🇳🇮 in 1986. She has gone through hard times, but nothing compares to the day her son had to go to Afghanistan.

“When he returned, my heart went back to its rightful place. Before that, it was just up in the air, waiting for his return”.

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Elza Normil - Family, Business, Success
Elza Normil emigrated from Haiti🇭🇹. to the United States with her mother, to continue her education, leaving her father, who was her adoration, behind.

“My first job in the United States was at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The hardest job, was working in newspaper delivery. I had to do that job seven days a week and it was really tough. One day I just decided; “Elsa, why don't you try for yourself instead of making money for people, why don't you try to make your own money by yourself? So I decided to open a business.”

Today, Elza owns her own business, has 2 wonderful children, and is living a fulfilling life. Learn more of her full story in this new “Stories of the American Dream”.

Watch the full story in her pursuit of the American Dream.
Erenabi Naagbi — A Welcomed Refugee
"Erenabi Naagbi knows what it is like to leave everything. In the midst of an armed civil conflict for control of Nigeria's resources, he had to flee for his life and emigrated to the United States.

"There was no peace, so we had to look for a place to have a safer life. At that point, I left my country as a refugee."

In this story from the video series, "Stories of the American Dream", Erenabi does not want to talk about the suffering, but he does convey his joy when talking about how welcoming Americans have been upon his arrival to the United States.

Find out what have been the most difficult times since leaving his country, Nigeria."
Ana Leon — When I left Cuba

"Leaving Cuba was so sad. In those days, when a person left Cuba, his family used to say, “I buried a family member,” because when you decided to leave, you knew you couldn’t come back, and you didn’t know when you would have any news of your family again.

The hardest job I got in the United States, was raising my children alone. I traveled from Venezuela to the United States because, I separated from my children’s father… I came to a new country, to start over again, learn a new language, and raise my children alone as a mother and father.

You have a lot of positive things in this country, but you must do your part."