Tania Ramírez - The Guitar, Beans and Cheese

I arrived in 1986, 34 years ago, I came via Mexico like many immigrants. I traveled with my two children; I crossed Rio Bravo Rio Grande. Thank God it was not so bad, we didn’t suffer as much as the people who are arriving now. I’m concerned for them.

Today is not easy at all. I arrived 34 years ago. It was easier at that time. Today, people are very discriminated against. They don’t care about children or women, nothing, nothing… As if newcomers are zero, useless, worthless...but they are human beings. 

We thought that the USA was the best country to raise our children in, and that there were jobs. In those days, we were welcomed. Thank God everything has worked out… In fact, I am now a citizen of this country.

The day I shed the most tears was when my son went to Afghanistan. When he returned, my heart went back to its rightful place. Before that, it was just up in the air, waiting for his return, but not anymore. 

What I miss the most about my country… well, we are always thinking about the food, although it fattens. Food is always missed but most of all, family. I miss them a lot, the family times, the sound of the guitar during sunset, the music, hot chocolate during the evening, the black beans, and the cheese…

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