Jonathan Mensah — Wherever I go, I want to leave a legacy

Wherever you go, you will find immigrants. Me being here is part of that immigration story. We contribute a lot by doing our part, being able to serve, work and enjoy life.

Growing up in Ghana, sometimes we wore our sports gear underneath our uniforms. So right after school we just took the uniform off and went straight to the sand fields to start playing.

Sometimes you would have to take your school shoes off because you did not want to make them dirty, so we would play barefoot and then to get home dirty and your mom would say "Hey, what are you doing ..." she knew we loved it and couldn’t stop us from playing.

I believe a lot of children in Ghana would love to further their education, get scholarships and come to the United States to experience the American dream. There are so many opportunities here.

The American dream is more like; coming to America, take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, converting them into goals and then into reality. When I signed with the team it was like a dream come true, it was a great moment for me and my family.

It was hard to leave my family as I am so attached to them. Arriving to a place where you know few people, you need to adapt to the situation and place. In the long run what I miss about my family is their love.

Wherever I go I wanna leave a legacy about how I have served and impacted others’ lives...

I want to keep loving others, because love is the universal language we all know and if you love others, you are also serving them.

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