BOSS Revolution App

Our program offers our current members a $5 Calling bonus for each friend they refer, plus each friend will receive a $2* bonus when they sign-up. Tell your friends about BOSS Revolution App, share your experience, ask them to download the app and recharge their BR account or send a mobile top-up in the app and you are ready to start receiving your $5 rewards.

Invite your friends to join you on BOSS Revolution App using the simple steps below. Your $5 reward will be automatically credited to your calling account after your friend recharges their BR account or sends a $5 mobile top-up in the app.

How to invite your friends:

  1. Open the BOSS Revolution App
  2. Tap on the Refer a Friend icon in the home screen or select Invite Friends in your account settings
  3. Send an invite right from the App via SMS
  4. Remind your friend to use the link you sent
  5. $5 will be automatically added to your BOSS Revolution account after your friend recharges their BR account or sends a $5 mobile top-up in the app

It ​pays off to have​ your​ friends save money ​on their International calls​ and mobile top-ups, the more you share the invite the more you can earn. 

*$2 Free promotional balance for new customers only and for a limited time. 
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BOSS Money App

Our Refer a Friend program rewards you when someone you refer downloads the BOSS Money App and sends their first money transfer of $100 or more. The more you share, the more you can earn.

Send your personal referral link by following the steps below. Once your friend uses the link to download the app and then successfully completes a money transfer of $100 or more, you will receive an electronic $25 Gift Card by email.

To get your referral link:

  1. Open the BOSS Money App
  2. Tap the gift icon in the bottom navigation bar to view the "Invite Friends" screen
  3. Choose the method for sharing your referral link

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