BOSS Revolution App

Our program offers our current members a $5 bonus for each friend they refer, plus each friend will receive a $2* bonus when they sign-up.  Tell your friends about BOSS Revolution calling, share your experience, ask them to download the app and you are ready to start receiving your $5 rewards.

Invite your friends to join you on BOSS Revolution using the simple steps below. Your $5 reward will be automatically credited to your account after your friend makes their first recharge.

How to invite your friends:

  1. Open the BOSS Revolution Calling App
  2. Tap on the Refer a Friend icon in the BOSS Revolution Market on the home screen
  3. Send an invite right from the App via SMS or Email
  4. Remind your friend to use the link you sent
  5. $5 will be automatically added to your BOSS Revolution account after your friend completes their first recharge

It ​pays off to have​ your​ friends save money ​on their International calls​, the more you share the invite the more you can earn. 

*$2 Free promotional balance for new customers only and for a limited time. 
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BOSS Money App

Our Refer a Friend program rewards you when someone you refer downloads the BOSS Money App and sends their first money transfer of $100 or more. Your friend will also receive an award for becoming a BOSS Money customer. The more you share, the more you can earn.

Send your personal referral link by following the steps below. Once your friend uses the link to download the app and then successfully completes a money transfer of $100 or more, you will each receive an electronic $10 Gift Card by email.

To get your referral link:

  1. Open the BOSS Money App
  2. Tap the gift icon in the bottom navigation bar to view the "Invite Friends" screen
  3. Choose the method for sharing your referral link

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4.7 • 27.1К Ratings
Boss Revolution App Refer-A-Friend Program Terms and Conditions SUMMARY. The Boss Revolution refer-a-friend program (the “Program” allows an existing Boss Revolution pinless (“BR Pinless”) customer (the “Inviter”) to earn additional account balance (a “Bonus”) in their BR Pinless account (an “Account”) when they use the Boss Revolution Calling App (the “App”) to refer a person who does not have a BR Pinless Account (the “Friend”) to join Boss Revolution and the Friend (1) accepts and clicks on the specific invitation sent by the Inviter to download the App, (2) activates the App, (3) creates a new Account, and (4) recharges that new Account. Subject to these rules, if the Friend meets all conditions, then the Inviter will receive a Bonus equal to $5. The Bonus will be automatically added to the Inviter’s Account after the Friend recharges his/her new Account. CONDITIONS. The Friend must meet the conditions listed above in order for the Inviter to be eligible to receive a Bonus. In addition, in order to receive a Bonus both the Friend and the Inviter must continue to be registered Boss Revolution customers in good standing. There is no limit on the number of invitations that an Inviter can send under the Program subject to the rules of the Program. Any existing BR Pinless customer may send an invitation to a Friend. If multiple customers send an invitation to the same Friend, then the Inviter will be deemed to be the first invitation the Friend accepted. Existing BR Pinless Account holders cannot be referred under this Program. RECHARGES. The 4th condition listed above requires the Friend to recharge his/her new Account. Only BR Pinless recharges (pay-as-you-go basis) will qualify as a recharge and meet the condition. Purchases of a BR Pinless unlimited or other plan will not be deemed a recharge. A Bonus will not be granted for any recharge that is refunded, voided, unpaid or subject to a credit card chargeback. If a Bonus is generated for a recharge that is ultimately refunded, voided or charged-back, then the Bonus will be removed from the Inviter’s account. BONUS. Bonus amounts earned under the Program will be added to the Inviter’s BR Pinless Account and may only be used for the BR Pinless calling service on a pay-as-you-go basis. Bonus amounts may not be used or redeemed to purchase any other product or service offered through Boss Revolution. Bonus amounts have no cash value, may not be pooled or combined with any other customer’s Bonus and may not be transferred to another customer’s Account. Bonus amounts are not subject to refund and expire in accordance with normal BR Pinless service terms. Any Account discrepancies must be reported to IDT in writing within six months of date of activity. GENERAL. The Program and any Bonus awarded are subject to these rules and conditions, as well as the BR Pinless terms of use contained in the App and at (collectively, the “Rules”). IDT reserves the right to change the Program, the Rules, and/or terminate the Program, at any time without prior notice. These Program terms and conditions will be posted in the App and at IDT reserves the right to terminate a customer’s right to participate in the Program at any time if the customer violates the Rules or otherwise tampers or interferes with the Program or any other Boss Revolution customer. Termination of a customer’s participation may result in a loss of any unused Bonus amounts and any other Program benefits. All decisions of IDT regarding the Program and the Rules are final and binding on all Program participants.