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Launched in 2008 by IDT Corporation, a company founded in 1990 by Howard Jonas, BOSS Revolution embodies a commitment to accessible international communication and financial services. Discover Opportunities

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How it all began

How it all began

IDT Corporation launched its BOSS Revolution branded international long-distance calling service in 2008. Utilizing PIN-less technology, IDT’s new offering quickly became the go-to service for immigrant families who wanted an affordable and reliable way to call back home.

Over time, IDT has developed additional services for the brand, and today customers trust BOSS Revolution for money transfer and mobile top-up as well as for international long distance calling. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, BOSS Revolution has expanded its distribution channels with new technologies.

What we’ve done


Entrepreneur, Howard Jonas creates IDT, a company focused on providing low cost international calling.


IDT launches BOSS Revolution, a revolutionary service, allowing customers to make low cost international calls without using a PIN code.


IDT launches the BOSS Revolution Mobile Top-Up Service allowing customers to top-up prepaid cell phones around the world.


BOSS Revolution expands its product portfolio by providing international money transfer to US consumers.


IDT introduces the BOSS Revolution Money app, enabling customers to send money to family and loved ones overseas from their mobile phones.

What happens next?
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BOSS Revolution today

Today, the highly-rated BOSS Revolution calling and BOSS Money apps and websites provide the same trusted services with all the convenience of digital. Customers who prefer to transact in cash utilize our nationwide network of BOSS Revolution retailers and BOSS Money transfer agents that connect to us through our retailer portal.

Across all of our offerings and channels, the key to BOSS Revolution’s continued popularity is our singular focus on serving immigrant communities. For millions of customers with friends and family outside of the USA, BOSS Revolution is a trusted partner helping them to remain in touch and share resources with those they love.

BOSS Revolution today
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Empower people by providing innovative, reliable, and affordable communications and financial services that connect them to their world.
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