Erenabi Naagbi — A Welcomed Refugee

"I work in a hospital right now. What impressed me most is that I’ve been able to be part of a team that helps people to get better, especially those who are suffering from sickness, discomfort in their body and many other things. I am part of a team that helps them get better, and that is what interests me the most.

I decided to leave my country for a better life. There was a time in my country, where there were disturbances, because of the resources that we have here. There was no peace, so we had to look for a safer life. At that point, I left my country as a refugee.

When I came to this country, the first thing that surprised me was the reception. The way that they welcomed you with open arms. They are very good at receiving people. It was a big surprise, I didn't know how it was going to be, but it was wonderful.

No, this one is hard ... I shed more tears was when I lost my parents back home, and I was far away in this place, it was really tough for me… and when I lost my sister recently, it was so difficult - so painful for me. It was the time that I shed the most tears, but after that everything was fine. When you lose people, especially when you are not going to see them again, it brings more tears."

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