Malena Rosero — From Ecuador to the World…

My land is marvelous. It’s a land of mountains, sea, jungle, giant tortoises, and wonderful people.

My father always used to say that the world is great and wide, and we should get out there and get to know it, and this broadens your mind and develops your emotions, this is completely true

I decided to leave my country because I was given a professional opportunity that I could not refuse, and honestly, I think I was looking for this opportunity.

I have worked with 30 countries around the world. in the domestic market, as we call the US market, in most of the countries in Latin America, Canada, Australia, several European countries, Russia, India.

I speak three languages fluently. Spanish, obviously, ha, ha, ha, English, and French.

Today, I consider myself a citizen of the world, despite being born in Ecuador, and then having been adopted by this dear country, years ago.

In Ecuador I used to say that I didn’t like it, when the people would just complain about their circumstances. Either you do something to improve the circumstances, or you make the best out of them, with what you have and keep going… and I have the same approach here.

This is a country of opportunity, and there is no doubt about it. In this country, if you demonstrate who you are and you put in the effort and dedication, DOORS WILL OPEN!

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