Sahid Chowdhudy - Thieves and Sandwiches

I arrived here in September 2012, I came with my family thanks to a family visa.

Getting here was tough, we were flying for more than 30 hours.

The hardest part of leaving my country was leaving my friends, my family, my neighbors… that was the hardest part of leaving my country.

This country has a better way of life because if you use your brain and work hard, making money is easy.

My first job was working at McDonalds making sandwiches. I love sandwiches.

Now I have my own business, I have been in business for two years and it is working very well. I like to have my own business because it is less stressful, because you are your own boss, you don't have to follow anyone's orders, you organize your own time… That's why I like being a boss and having my own business.

My saddest day was when my store was robbed, that day I cried, I did not know what to do, I had lost a lot of money and I did not know if the insurance would cover the losses or not. I was crying and I would say it was my hardest day in this country.

I miss my country very much and I love it, but if I could bring the rest of my family and my friends, I might not go back to my country anymore.

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