Stories of the American Dream

When immigrants leave their homes to come to the United States, it is not because they are expecting a free ride. They do so because they believe in themselves and they trust their dreams will be fulfilled.
Captain Singh - When Michael Jackson visited my store
"Coming to the USA, was a challenge, a different language, even though we spoke English, the culture was different. This is a country that offers many opportunities, but at the same time, we must work very hard. Nobody will give you anything at no cost.

The work that I like the most is what I do today. It has been more than 20 years, helping my father, talking with people from different countries, different backgrounds…”

Singh still reflects on all the wonderful moments he has experienced in this country, especially the day that Michael Jackson visited his store. Watch the full story in this new video of “Stories Of The American Dream” and learn how Michael Jackson ended at Singh’s store in Miami, FL.
Rosa Lopez - Dreams come true
“In my time it was so difficult to have a doll, that my dad had to use pieces of wood to make our dolls, those were the kind of toys we had. My dad also built little wooden cars for my brothers, they used to tie a string to them and run, and I was always running behind them playing.”

In El Salvador 🇸🇻, Rosa Lopez heard many stories of other people emigrating to the United States, before she decided to come to this country. “It was not easy, but it wasn’t impossible either”. After many years of living in the USA, Lopez has her own business which allows her to provide support to her family.

Watch her full story in this new video of “Stories Of The American Dream”.
Holidays Edition
Celebrating the Holiday Season is always a memorable moment, and every country has their different way to celebrate it.

Watch how people from India, Haiti, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Ghana continue many of their homeland traditions while living in the United States.
Miriam Atria - Succeeding during Covid19
Five years ago, Mirian Atria emigrated from Venezuela 🇻🇪 to the United States, fleeing insecurity and the uncertainty of not knowing if she would have milk to give her two toddlers, 2 and 3 years old. This year she has had a dejavu of that feeling, when she came out positive for COVID19.

“Being a single mother is hard enough as it is and even more so in this country. Everyday things are becoming more and more complicated; working from home, being involved with the children's online classes, making them their meals, all the daily activities daily, etc ... but we have succeeded and we will continue to move forward."

Learn about her full story and how she has coped with this pandemic in this new video of "Stories of the American Dream”.
Sandra Rucaya - Home is Home
“God has blessed me. I have a wonderful husband and 3 boys. I have my own business and I am doing great. If I compare myself to those I left in Ghana, it is not the same, so America has been the best for me.”

Sandra came to the United States to work with her uncle in the African market, and after years of learning she now runs her own business. She is happy and grateful for her family and the opportunities this country has given her, but without a doubt; She will retire in her lovely Ghana 🇬🇭.

Watch her full story in this new video of “Stories Of The American Dream”.