Miriam Atria - Succeeding during Covid19

My name is Mirian, I am Venezuelan. I was born in Caracas, a beautiful city full of natural landscapes. My childhood was very pleasant and full of love, I come from a large family and we are very close.

My first job was in a factory making jewelry.  The truth is that it was quite a difficult job, because I had to be on my feet for many hours. We had to put jewelry together for department stores and it was pretty hard working on that.

A while ago I started my own small business; a social media management company and I have worked hard to keep it moving forward as well as being at home with my children, helping them with their online schooling and continue working on my profession.

I currently work in an advertising agency, it is the best thing that has happened to me in this country, because it has allowed me to pursue my professional career, in addition to learning the language and meeting many colleagues.

I thought that the worst thing that could happen to me was when I separated from my children’s father; however, I can tell you that the worst thing that has happened to me was testing positive for the CoronaVirus.  I never thought it would happen but yes, it caught me. I was totally isolated in my house for three weeks. They were difficult and very uncertain days. The last few weeks have not been easy, but thank God we are well and in good health.

Being a single mother is hard enough as it is and even more so in this country. Everyday things are becoming more and more complicated; working from home, being involved with the children's online classes, making their meals, helping with their daily activities, maintaining the house's cleanliness which has obviously become more heightened now, but still we have achieved it and we will continue forwards.

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