Stories of the American Dream

When immigrants leave their homes to come to the United States, it is not because they are expecting a free ride. They do so because they believe in themselves and they trust their dreams will be fulfilled.
Luis Astorga — My Motorcycle
"I left Mexico looking for a better life. Leaving my family, my culture, all my friends was the most difficult thing. Smugglers got me across the border. It was not easy at all. I had to go through a lot of hardships, humiliations, real danger.

My first job was making roofs. I realized that the US was not an easy place, I would have to work hard. Now, I still do drywall and interior construction work framing, but now I have my own company.

I was 18 when I came to the US. Six years later I bought my first house. That was an incredible joy for me."
Gustavo Villeda — To another place with my music
"I saw that I really had opportunities as a musician and that I could live in the US by getting a talent visa. We sold everything, dismantled the home, and walked through the empty house and all our memories in 8 suitcases. We were very happy there.

I’m very happy here, the Caribbean Sea, the beaches, I love the sea, the beach, fishing and it’s so close here. Just imagine, there’s this tremendously beautiful cosmopolitan city, at the edge of the sea, what else can I ask for to this life?"
Malena Rosero — From Ecuador to the World…
"My father always used to say that the world is great and wide, and we should get out there and get to know it, and this broadens your mind and develops your emotions, this is completely true.

I decided to leave my country because I was given a professional opportunity that I could not refuse, and honestly, I think I was looking for this opportunity.

In this country, if you demonstrate who you are and you put in the effort and dedication, DOORS WILL OPEN"
Jose and Carla — Welcomes and Farewells
"Jose – "I arrived in 1992, exactly on Holy Thursday, I remember it because the next day I had to work, and it was Good Friday…. In Honduras, we never had to work on that day. I had never worked on that day before, but with the need to earn some cash, I opted for working on Good Friday, Saturday, and Sunday."

Carla – "Twenty years ago… Everything changed. We were always thinking about going back to Honduras, but our son was born, and everything changed for us""
Beatriz Mendoza – Verses in the water
"Beatriz Cortizos loves her Colombian land as much as writing. When she was young, the heart of this poet and narrator, invited her to live in Argentina, because it was the land of Borges and Soda Stereo, but her reasoning led her to the United States.

She worked in all kinds of jobs until she managed to enter the communication world. Today, she writes verses and has her own pool cleaning company, along with her partner and husband. For Beatriz, her son Martin, has been the best gift that life has given her while living in the United States."