Luis Astorga — My Motorcycle

I decided to leave Mexico looking for a better future, to have a better life and progress faster. Leaving your country is the most difficult thing. Leaving my family, leaving my culture, all my friends… Smugglers got me across the border, It took one month to get to the US.

It was not easy at all, I had to go through a lot of hardships, humiliations, real danger, until I finally arrived in Miami. My first job was making roofs. It’s a hard job, very hard. That day I realized that the US. It was not an easy place but that from now on. I would have to work hard.

First thing I thought was, I am going to learn well the construction business and then one day start my own business. Now I still do drywall and interior construction work framing, but now I have my own company. I have been pursuing my dream for four years.

It hasn’t been easy, a lot of money, a lot of problems. Yes, I have found a better life in the US, with a lot of sacrifices,
It’s not easy, but working hard… everybody can do it.

I was 18 years when I came to this country and 6 years later. I bought my first house. That was an incredible joy for me.

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