Beatriz Mendoza – Verses in the water

My name is Beatriz Mendoza Cortizos, I am from Barranquilla, Colombia.  I am a poet and a writer. I write tales and poetry published in various magazines here in the United States.  Recently, I was invited to the Poetry festival in my city, Barranquilla and it was a great experience.

I thought about going back to Colombia several times but later, but life took care of showing me that this was not the way, that my way was here in the United States.

I think the job I liked the most was working in journalism. I worked in Diario las Americas, where I had the opportunity to do many interviews with celebrities, invited to events and to write. It was a very nice opportunity to be involved in the world that I love, which is the world of culture.

Now I am dedicated to being a businesswoman, of my own company, which I have with my husband. He is a person that I admire a lot, he has a very big heart, he gave me the greatest gift anyone could have given me, my son Martín.

I don’t know if I found a better life in the United States because my life in Colombia it was not bad at all, I had a good life and perhaps my professional life it could have been very successful, but that’s life, this is what I had to live.  In Colombia, it is little more difficult starting a company and here in the United States is very easy. We found it has been very easy for us to become entrepreneurs.

 … When the moving truck comes,

I'll tell them to take your memories

To put them all in a box and leave them in a dump

Next to the sofa damaged by the cat and the mattress with the springs out.

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