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At BOSS Revolution our goal is to provide our customers with the easiest and most reliable ways to support their loved ones around the world. Send money to your friends and family from the BOSS Revolution website or BOSS Money App conveniently with a few clicks. You’ll know the exchange rate, fee and payer information right away.

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Safety and security

We value the trust you put in us. Our industry-leading data security keeps transactions and personal information safe, so you can always feel protected when sending money with BOSS Revolution.

Money-back guarantee

We take on the responsibility of delivering your funds, and if you’re not satisfied with our service we’ll refund your transaction in full.

Low fees and great exchange rates

Your first transaction with BOSS Revolution website and BOSS Money app is FREE up to $300. On future orders, fees start at just {DC_fee} when you pay with a debit card. Our great exchange rates ensure that your loved ones get more with our money transfers.

Years of trust and dedicated service to our customers

More than 2 million customers already enjoy our fast and reliable money transfer service. The BOSS Revolution brand has been on the market for 20 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At BOSS Revolution we do our best to help you solve all the possible issues. Please check out our FAQ page or contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

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How do I send money to {country} from the USA?

BOSS Revolution is a secure and easy way to send money to {country}. To start sending money from the USA, all you need to do is select {country} as the country you are sending money to, enter the amount of money you want to send to your beneficiary and select the method of payment such as {DO}. Next, log in to your BOSS Revolution account, add a recipient and select a payment method. It’s that easy!

Money Transfer is available online and via our dedicated app – BOSS Money App – so you can send money anytime, anywhere online.

How do I start sending money to {country} with BOSS Revolution?

Sending money starts with the click of a button. Create your BOSS Revolution web account or download the free BOSS Money App. All you need is your email address and phone number to get started.

Once your account is created you can start sending money. Select {country} as the country you are sending money to, enter the amount of money you want to send to your beneficiary and select the method of payment such as {DO}. This is how your recipient will receive the money.

Next, enter the details of the person you’d like to receive the money. You may be asked for the recipient’s full name, address, phone number and email. Finally, choose how you’d like to pay – credit or debit card – and click send. And that’s it! Soon your recipient will receive the funds you sent.

How does cash pickup in {country} work?

Sending cash for pickup in {country} with BOSS Revolution is simple. First, follow the steps for sending money. Select the country you want to send to, choose {country} as your destination, enter the amount you want to send, and select Cash Pick up as the delivery method.

You will then need to enter the recipient's full name, address, phone number and email. Then, select your payment method credit or debit card – and click send.

Within minutes, cash will be ready for pickup by your recipient at one of our trusted pickup locations. To collect the cash, your recipient will need a valid photo ID and, for some locations, the transaction number.

Getting money to your loved ones is that simple and safe!

How can I wire money to bank accounts in {country}?

Sending money to your recipient’s bank account is easy, fast and safe using BOSS Revolution. All you need to do is open the BOSS Money app or stay on our website to start your transaction.

Select "Bank Deposit" and enter the amount you want to send in USD. We'll show the amount in the local currency ({currency}) based on our latest exchange rate. Next, enter the recipient’s full name, address, mobile number and email.

Then, select a payment method – credit or debit card – and click send. We partner with local banks and financial institutions to make your transfer as smooth and fast as possible. Your money will instantly be wired to your recipient’s bank account in {country}.

How much does money transfer to {country} cost?

Your first transaction with BOSS Money is FREE up to $300, meaning you only pay for what you send. After the first transaction, sending money to {country} only costs the amount you send plus a fee as low as {DC_fee} if you pay by debit card or as low as {CC_fee} if you pay by credit card. These are some of the lowest fees on the market today.

Note: If you use a credit card, the card issuer may charge you an additional fee.

How fast will a recipient get money in {country}?

No one likes waiting. That’s why at BOSS Revolution, we ensure your money gets to where it needs to be as quickly as possible. So, how long does it take? From the minute you click "send" the money is delivered within minutes or the next day, depending on the method of payment you choose.

  • Bank Deposit - generally available within minutes*
  • Mobile Wallet - generally available within minutes*
  • Cash Pickup - generally available within minutes*
  • Home Delivery - funds will be available within 24 hours depending on the time of the transaction. 80% of transfers are paid the same day.

This makes it one of the fastest ways you can get money transferred to {country}.

*Access to money transfer services and the transfer of funds may be limited, delayed or unavailable during certain periods and/or based on certain transaction conditions. Additional restrictions may apply. See Terms or Agent for details.

Are the exchange rates guaranteed?

The rate you see is the rate you receive. When sending money with BOSS Revolution, exchange rates are fixed on the date of the transaction. This means your recipient will get the amount you sent.

So how does it work? Simply enter the amount in USD that you want to send, and we’ll calculate the amount your recipient will get in the foreign currency automatically. For {country}, all payments will be received in {currency}.

Note that you may be charged a transaction fee, depending how much you send and the payment method you use. For debit cards, the fees start at {DC_fee}. For credit cards, the fees start at {CC_fee}. BOSS Revolution is not responsible for any fees incurred from your bank or card provider.

Can I trust BOSS Revolution?

Yes! BOSS Money Transfer is a service offered by IDT Payment Services and IDT Payment Services of New York, which are fully-licensed money transfer providers. IDT Payment complies with all federal and state money remittance regulations.

In addition, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee that your transfer will be delivered to its destination. If not, we’ll refund you in full.

Your security matters to us. All money transfer transactions sent from our website and apps are conducted according to the highest level of security standards and SSL encryption.

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