Send Digicel top-up to Haiti online

Top up Digicel mobile plans in Haiti using BOSS Revolution to get the best value and deals in {country} for texts, calls, and data credits.

Recharge Digicel mobile in Haiti instantly

Stay in touch with friends and keep family ties strong with relatives in Haiti. Make sure they always have enough mobile credits for texts, calls, and data. Send Digicel top-ups to Haiti online with BOSS Revolution.

Conveniently recharge any active mobile number in Haiti, even if you are miles away. BOSS Revolution lets you buy Digicel bundle plans or top-up mobile credits in just a few taps on your smartphone.

How to send a top-up to Haiti with BOSS Revolution

Create a BOSS Revolution account

Use our website or download our app to create your account. Provide your personal information, including your name and mobile number, to register. Once you have an account, you can recharge mobile credits in Haiti.

Provide the recipient’s information

Log in to your BOSS Revolution account and enter the number in Haiti you want to top up. If the carrier isn’t automatically detected, choose Digicel from the list. Add the recipient’s data, check, and confirm.

Top up and track

Choose a talk and/or data plan, or select the amount you want to top up. Pay using debit or credit or other payment methods available. Click “Send” and track. It only takes a few minutes! Your recipient gets the top-up within a few minutes!

Why send Digicel top-ups to Haiti with BOSS Revolution?

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Multiple currencies

Send mobile top-ups from anywhere in the world using the denomination you prefer. BOSS Revolution automatically converts this to HTG at the best rates possible.

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Value-added offers

Get more value from your top-ups with balance promotions from mobile carriers. Enjoy anywhere from 2x to 6x the balance when you top up with BOSS Revolution.

BOSS Revolution app

BOSS Revolution app

Top up Digicel mobile in Haiti anytime, anywhere you are in the world. Download the BOSS Revolution app FREE of charge. Recharge mobile instantly in an easier and safer way.

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4.5, 128К Ratings
Have a question about your Digicel top-up in Haiti?

How can I top up Digicel in Haiti?

Send top-ups to any Digicel mobile number in Haiti through the BOSS Revolution app or website. Create a BOSS Revolution account and provide the mobile number of the recipient. Choose from the convenient payment methods available to recharge mobile credits instantly.

How fast will the recipient get the airtime?

BOSS Revolution sends top-up orders immediately to mobile service providers, so most recipients get their top-ups instantly. However, some top-ups can take a few minutes longer when a mobile service provider encounters system delays.

Can I send Stay Connected Plans or Prime Bundle Plans to a recipient in Haiti?

Yes, you can send various Stay Connected and Prime Bundle plans to Haiti. These plans include data for selected streaming platforms and major social media networks. Aside from these plans, you can also send online top-ups for mobile credits with amounts ranging from USD5 to USD50.

How do I contact Digicel in Haiti?

The Digicel Corporate Office in Haiti is located at 151 Angle Ave. Jean Paul II & Impasse Duverger, Port-au-Prince. Within Haiti, you can reach customer service by calling 111 or +509-37-11-3444. You can contact Digicel outside Haiti through its international toll-free number, 1-888-880-6842.

How long do Digicel top-ups last?

The validity of Digicel top-ups varies depending on the plan or top-up option. Top-ups for Digicel prepaid plans in Haiti, are usually valid for one day up to 30 days. Check the bundle or top-up details to know when it expires.

How do I check the balance of a Digicel mobile account in Haiti?

To check if you already need to recharge Digicel in Haiti, simply dial the short code *120# or *111# on your Digicel GSM. You can also access your Digicel account through the MyDigicel app or the Digicel website to check your balance.

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