Top up Digicel online

With BOSS Revolution, you can send top-up balance anytime and anywhere. We make it easy and fast to recharge Digicel mobile phones with airtime or data.

Most popular destinations

Send Digicel mobile recharge from the US

With only a few taps in the BOSS Revolution app or on the website you can top up the Digicel mobile number of your loved ones back home. BOSS Revolution makes it convenient, easy and fast to send top-up worldwide from the United States.

Digicel offers millions of subscribers the convenience to receive international mobile top-ups so their users have data and airtime to stay in touch with loved ones and surf the web. BOSS Revolution makes it easy for customers in the United States to send recharges to their family and friends no matter where they are.

Instant and easy Digicel top-ups with BOSS Revolution

Set up an account

Register for a BOSS Revolution account through our website or mobile app. Provide all the required details, such as your full name and mobile number. Log into your account to start the top-up process.

Enter the recipient's mobile number

Go to the BOSS Revolution top-up page and choose Digicel from the list of mobile carriers. Then, enter the Digicel mobile number you want to top up.

Select the type of top-up you want to send

Choose from regular airtime to data bundles and select a payment method. Check to see if there are any carrier promotions. Click “Send” and track your top-up. Your recipient gets the Digicel top-up within minutes!

BOSS Revolution app

BOSS Revolution app

Download the BOSS Revolution app to conveniently send mobile recharges internationally with no hidden fees. Use our highly rated app to top up any Digicel mobile number anytime, anywhere.

4.6, 149.5К Ratings
4.5, 128К Ratings

Why send airtime to Digicel with BOSS Revolution?

Transparent Process

Every stage in our top-up process is done with transparency. You know fully well what is happening and can trust that your top-up gets to your recipient.

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Reliable Connection

Stay connected with anyone through SMS, calls, or the internet with BOSS Revolution. Our mobile recharge services are available anytime and anywhere in the world.

Secure and Safe Transactions

Protecting your personal data is our top priority. Stringent rules are in place to make sure your data stays safe as you send your top-ups.

FAQs about your Digicel top-up

How do I recharge Digicel online?

 To conveniently recharge Digicel online, download the BOSS Revolution app or go to the BOSS Revolution website. Type in the Digicel number and choose a bundle or top-up amount. Select a payment method and click “Send.”

How soon will the addressee receive the airtime?

Top-ups are processed instantly and will be received within a few seconds. In rare cases, issues with mobile carriers may cause delays, but these are often resolved within minutes. Use the BOSS Revolution app to track your top-ups in real time.

Are there any customized Digicel Prepaid Bundles or Plans?

Digicel offers its subscribers various plans and bundles to choose from. This gives them the flexibility to choose the one that fits their budget and specific needs.  With BOSS Revolution, you can send top-up amounts starting from US$5. Bundles include Stay Connected Plans, Yard Plans, and Prime Bundles.

How can I contact Digicel?

You can get live chat support from the Digicel website. You can also download the MyDigicel app and use the Mobile Help Center to get the assistance you need.

How long does the Digicel top-up last?

The validity of Digicel top-ups depends on the bundle or top-up amount you purchased. The validity for bundles is clearly stated in each plan’s description. Validity for top-ups ranges from 7 days to 150 days. The higher the top-up amount, the longer the validity.

How do I check my Digicel balance?

You can check your Digicel balance through the app or through the mobile service menu. Download the MyDigicel app and register your number. Go to Accounts and Balances to check your remaining credits. To access the service menu, dial the short code or USSD code for Digicel in your country. Select My Account, Manage My Plans, and press 1 to see your available balance.

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