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With the latest advancements in technology, it is easier than ever to communicate with anyone from practically anywhere in the world. But, calling the UK from the US can be challenging and expensive. In this article, we’re sharing the different ways you can call someone in the UK from the US, along with comparisons of different methods and services.

How to call the UK from the US

If you’re calling the UK from the United States, here’s what you need to do:

  • Dial the country exit code (US)

Before calling a UK phone number, dial 011, which is the US country exit code.

  • Dial the UK country code

After dialing 011, dial the UK country code, which is 44. That’s 011 + 44.

  • Dial the area code

UK area codes can range from two to five digits. For international calls, remember to remove the zero (0) from the area code, so, if, for instance, the area code of the city you’re connecting to is 029, you’ll be dialing 29 instead of 029. That’s 011 + 44 + 29.

  • Dial the phone number of the person you’re calling

Once you’ve done the first three steps, you can proceed to dial the phone number of the other person. Note that UK phone numbers should have a total of 10 digits, including the area code.

So, If you’re calling a number in Cardiff, for example, which has an area code of 029, the number you’ll dial would look like this: 011-44-29-XXXX-XXXX.

If you are calling the UK from a US Cellphone

To call from the US to the United Kingdom using a US cellphone, you only need to follow the above-mentioned steps, except for dialing the area code. Today’s smartphones offer a shortcut when it comes to dialing international numbers.

Instead of manually dialing the international exit code (011), simply press and hold the zero (0) button on the dial pad until you see the + sign appear. You can then proceed to dial the remaining digits, which include the country code, area code, and phone number.

Moreover, you need to take note of the mobile code for the UK, which is 7. So you’ll be dialing 011-44-7-xxx-xxx-xxx.

Calling the UK from Landlines

If you’re calling the UK using a landline, follow all the previously mentioned steps: dial the US exit code, the UK country code, the area code for the location you’re calling, and the phone number of the other person.

Here’s a bonus question: Does it cost extra to call the UK?

This depends on several factors.

If you’re not enrolled in an international calling plan, you’ll be subject to basic rates, which are essentially just non-discounted rates for international calls. If you don’t regularly make international calls, this is a cost-effective option for you.

But, if you’re frequently making calls to the UK, you might consider signing up for an international calling plan for discounted fees. These plans usually include a 300-minute limit, and you may be charged additionally per minute when you exceed the respective limit set by your provider.

UK area codes

If you’re making calls from the US to the UK, you need to know the area code of the person you’re calling. Below are some of the most popular area codes for when you’re calling the UK.

Area codes










































How much does it cost to call the UK: comparison table

How much does it actually cost to call the UK? Will overseas calls end up costing you a lot of money? Check out the different services and plans to get a better idea of how much calls to UK will cost:


Regular monthly rate



BOSS Revolution


Offers unlimited calls from the US to UK landlines and mobile phone

BOSS Revolution app is needed for users to purchase a calling plan.

No subscription fees required

Only add credit as needed

Verizon World Plan 300


Gives you 300 minutes for calls per month

Users can add up to 300 minutes per month to call up to 120 international destinations (direct-dial) and up to 98 countries for calls to mobile phones

AT&T International Calling


Offers unlimited calls from the US to more than 85 international locations

Service will cost $34.95 per month for non-subscribers

Viber Out


Lets you call mobile and landline numbers to 60 countries

Voice-over (VoIP) service that offers unlimited minutes and you’re free to cancel anytime


Magenta or ONE plan, plus additional $15/month per line

>Users can call landlines in over 70 destinations and mobile phones in over 30 locations. Comes with unlimited texting.

Clients need to be subscribed to Magenta, ONE, Simple Choice, or plans activated after November 2015

Using calling cards to call the UK

Prepaid calling cards still exist, and they’re still a very practical option for budget-conscious callers. Prepaid calling cards, such as the BOSS Revolution Calling Cards, come with a set amount that has a set limit of minutes for calls, making them an economical way to keep in touch with friends and family in the UK.

To make a call using a calling card, follow the instructions found on the back of the card, then follow the voice prompts.

There are also virtual calling cards. Similar to traditional calling cards, they let you make international calls and provide you with a high-quality connection throughout the call. Virtual calling cards work by giving you access to their network, which you can then use to make toll-free and non-toll-free numbers outside the US. Different providers have varying rates and different sets of instructions on how you can use their virtual calling card. Be sure to check their website or get in touch with an associate to see how your preferred virtual calling card works.

Calling the UK from the US for free

There are ways you may call the UK from the US for free. Most of these services rely on mobile or desktop apps that need to be downloaded by both parties. These are also ideal for individuals who have ready access to a reliable internet connection.

These apps include:

Voice solutions for business

If your business involves making regular and long calls to the UK, incurred communication expenses can consequently be high. To save on costs, you can opt for a VoIP service. Depending on the size of your business and your needs, there are a number of providers available that can provide phone communication services for your company, as well as for when you need to make international calls.

Helpful tips for calling the UK from the US

Make the most out of your calls from the US to the UK with these practical tips:

  • Know your Time Zones.
  • Schedule your call ahead of time. Once you’ve determined the best time to call, notify the other person to avoid communication or availability issues.
  • Be on time and be polite, especially if you’re making a business call.
  • Check if there’s a different process involved when you’re calling a landline, compared to calling a mobile number.
  • If you need to make frequent calls from the US to the UK, consider subscribing to your preferred service’s international calling plans. You can also check and compare different VoIP services. Moreover, you can opt for the reliable, albeit old-school, prepaid calling cards.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of August 23, 2021

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