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With free calling plans, packages, and unlimited minutes, most call service companies today offer packages that include local phone calls. However, that's not typically the case with international calls, i.e., when you need to connect with people residing abroad.

Fortunately, today, various telecom companies facilitate free international calling to almost any country worldwide to stay in touch with your friends, family, and clients.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, several calling platforms have emerged, and are here to stay. You can now seamlessly engage with people on an international level while incurring minimal to zero costs.

But with countless international calling apps available, how can one determine which are the best applications to call overseas, what benefits and features do they provide in contrast to their counterparts, etc..?

To help you in making the right selection when considering an international calling app, here is a round-up of the best applications used to effortlessly connect to anybody in a foreign country.

How to make international calls using a calling app?

Do you require an internet connection for free international calls?

Most internet calling platforms require an internet connection. You need 3G/4G/cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection to access the platform's desktop or mobile app. At the same time, you can handle leveraging their economical 'calling minutes' with affordable calling app rates. Furthermore, with international calls, you don't require cellular/mobile data to make calls but need the internet connection to sign in to their calling application.

With the increase in bandwidth speed and internet availability worldwide, the connectivity requirement barrier is gradually being removed. Making international calling more affordable and easier than ever.

Is there a need for a specific phone to make international calls?

No, there is no need for a particular phone when it comes to calling overseas. Your current smartphone should be able to make and receive free international calls. The essential requirement is that your phone should have a compatible operating system that correctly installs and launches the application. And if you are connecting with a business phone and need advanced features, you will need Voice over Internet Phone (VOIP).

Is Ii possible to make international calls via computers?

Many international calling applications allow you to make free calls abroad from your computer devices. All the call participants must have access to an internet-powered application. One can also connect via a smartphone, and the recipient can connect through a computer, and you can still enjoy free calls.

Can you make free calls to any phone number worldwide?

No. There are specific international calling applications that allow you to connect with an international number free of charge. Some give you a limited number of free minutes to try the app, after this trial period you must pay to enable the calling service. Usually, app-to-app calls are for free. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection.

BOSS Revolution


BOSS Revolution is one of the best international calling apps that offers convenient direct dialing at very affordable rates. It helps you connect easily with your family, friends, acquaintances, etc., who are settled overseas.

From maintaining and managing your contact numbers to offering you a user-friendly and intuitive interface, that delivers a seamless experience; BOSS Revolution is the ultimate international calling app.

Unlike any other international calling apps being offered in the market , BOSS Revolution offers unparalleled convenience, cost reliability, and simplicity. Plus, it is downloadable for all platforms, such as iOS and Android.

With BOSS Revolution, you can:

  • Make cheap calls internationally to over 200 countries1
  • Send messages
  • Browse trending news
  • Make group calls
  • Send funds instantly

Moreover, this simple mobile international calling app offers a robust contact management system that allows you to make your "Favorites" list specifically for your most called international numbers. This successfully gives you one-touch access to people in your contact list you speak the most to.

Above all, BOSS Revolution prioritizes user's security while ensuring you don't have to compromise on the quality of your connection when making international calls.


  • Free or affordable rates
  • Facilitates instant money transfers
  • Cancel unclaimed payments    
  • App to app free calls    
  • Crystal-clear voice and high-quality calls    
  • Applicable for both landline and mobile numbers    
  • Get $2 FREE on downloading the application    
  • Share balance with your family and friends    
  • Automated top-up    
  • You don't require cellular data for calling, just the internet to log in    
  • Affordable country calling rates and plans    
  • Adding funds available through desktop version and mobile application    
  • You can use BOSS Revolution access numbers even if you don’t have internet


  • Exercises a specific limit on cash transfers
  • SMS services aren't available


Rebtel is an international phone call app that lets you:

  • Make economic calls to landline or mobile numbers
  • Allows you to connect with people in more than 50+ countries1
  • Requires no cellular data to make calls
  • Uses your local number to make calls

Through its mobile routing technology and local landline, it ensures that you receive an exceptional customer experience.

It's a reliable app for international calls that charges you according to your local number rates and not according to cross-country rates. And for its US-based customers, the app offers free calling services to anybody within the United States.


  • Cheap international calling rates
  • Easy sign-up and set up process
  • No cellular data requirements to make calls
  • You can call anonymously    
  • Preferred connectivity types (Mobile data or Wi-Fi) are available    
  • Automated top-ups    
  • Three extra minutes    
  • $10 extra credit for each person you invite who pays $1    
  • International calling packages


  • It doesn't support image sharing
  • No messaging or texting available
  • Internet connectivity is still required to log in


Talk360 is yet another international calling app that is used by over 1 million2 people across the globe. You can leverage this calling l app and make cheap calls to both landline and mobile numbers. All you need to do is install theTalk360 app.

Furthermore, this international calling app allows you to:

  • Buy calling credits at any time without a subscription
  • The person on the receiving end does not need internet connectivity
  • Make cheap calls internationally to almost 196 countries2 without a calling card

Talk360 lets you call your friends, family, business relations, etc. residing abroad, at affordable calling rates with stable connections. Also, you can easily integrate your contacts with the app, and there are no hidden charges.

In addition, you can also enable an automatic recharge feature that never lets you run out of calling credit. All in all, Talk360 is a practical and efficient international calling solution.


  • Safe to use
  • Good customer support
  • Welcome plans and offers    
  • $5 credit (FREE) for inviting a friend


  • Poor performance3
  • Network issues3


Yolla is an app that allows users to make affordable international calls and helps them stay in touch with friends, colleagues, family, or anyone living abroad. Offering quality global phone calls at cheap rates, Yolla makes it easy to call on mobile and landline while cutting roaming fees.

Furthermore, users can also enable of other features such as:

  • Mobile top-ups
  • International texting (SMS)
  • No hidden fee or subscription charges

With Yolla, users can make free audio and video calls and easily send airtime to anyone overseas. The receiver doesn't need a smartphone, internet, or even the Yolla app. Users can call their loved ones whenever they want without any additional requirements. Users can even purchase and send Yolla credits to their family and friends.

Enjoy free calls when talking to Yolla users and use your private contact list to connect with the people. Users never run out of credits with automated Yolla top-ups and never have to think twice before making an international call.


  • Savings are great
  • Frequent updates
  • Application to landline calls    
  • Sharing a balance    
  • $3 bonus for free when you invite friends    
  • You can top up your calling app account both through your web account or mobile application    
  • Auto top-up


  • Voice quality issues4
  • No contact search functionality


Viber is one of the other applications that allow you to make cheap and free international calls via Wi-Fi between the app users. This free call app has an intelligent feature that scans your existing contact list and checks those already using the Viber app. It's available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users.

Switching to an easy-to-use application like Viber for international calls means you can enjoy more:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower call rates
  • No-hassle using different devices

You just need to install the application, create your personalized contact list, and enjoy clear and fast connections to loved ones and friends all over the world.

Viber is a free international subscriber dialing (ISD) app that lets you initiate group conversations through texting and calling (audio and video). You can make group calls with about 20 users and connect seamlessly regardless of their location.

All in all, Viber is a safe and popular app for international calls that support video/audio calls, self-destructive chats providing an additional layer of security, free calls for end-to-end Viber users, and low cost for Viber-out calls.

ProsHigh-quality image sharing

Easy and quick setup

Group video calls

Viber Out6 services to connect with contacts not leveraging Viber

ConsIt contains various ads

Limits small files transfers


WhatsApp is one of the most recognized messaging and international calling apps widely used in the world.

Using this app, you can easily:

  • Chat
  • Share videos and audio files
  • Exchange images

WhatsApp's simple features, interface, functionality make it stand out, and most importantly, the app is free to install and use.

Primarily, WhatsApp was introduced as a simple messenger application for chatting/texting purposes, but later, they launched and added new features to the app, such as audio recording and voice calling. This makes it easy for you to make local and international calls to anyone across the globe.

The platform leverages your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to function and is available for all well-known platforms like iOS (iPhone), Android, and Windows Phone. You can even download WhatsApp on your Mac OS computer and Windows PC.

Overall, WhatsApp facilitates free messaging and calling, group chats and calls, videos, documents, image sharing, and much more. Above all, it provides end-to-end data encryption, which ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your data.


  • Allows users to delete messages
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Call-waiting feature if the user is busy on another call


  • Can't make calls on non-WhatsApp numbers
  • Users require a strong Wi-Fi connection


Skype is a robust international calling app that you can use for both personal and professional purposes. You can also arrange meetings and conferences through this global call app. Video and audio recording is one of Skype's unique selling points.

The app is best known for its voice calls and video chats via tablets, computers, and mobile devices. Additionally, it is available and works on all Apple, Windows, and Android devices. However, Skype applies specific terms and conditions when it comes to free calls.

Using Skype, you can:

  • Check the availability of your contacts on the platform
  • Add people through your phonebook
  • Create a favorites section for specific contact lists
  • Enjoy a seamless calling experience.

While this long-distance calling app lets you connect from Skype to Skype users free of charge, calls or text messages made to traditional phone numbers (landlines and cell phones) can incur specific fees.

Skype is a full-fledged remote communication and collaboration tool that provides you with a multitude of features/functionality such as in-meeting chat, screen sharing, etc.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Easy to install and sign up
  • Email configuration
  • You can buy Skype credits to call any landline or mobile phone number anywhere


  • Specialized features like Bluetooth functionality are highly priced
  • Video call quality issue


KeepCalling is a great international calling app that saves you money on your phone calls overseas.

With this app, you can:

  • Make a low-cost call
  • Send messages around the world at affordable rates
  • Enjoy quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls
  • Experience easy-to-use calling services.

You can get cheap prepaid credit, replace phone cards and calling cards with the platform's international calling app.

With KeepCalling, you can also enable the offline calling feature – this feature allows you to make calls without cellular data/4G-LTE/3G through local numbers. The app needs the internet for connecting to the application.

If you need to connect with any international number/contact, KeepCalling provides you with a local number instantly that allows you to reach out to your family, friends, or other people abroad.

From India, Mexico, Columbia, China, Thailand, Cuba, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and various other countries worldwide – KeepCalling lets you make cheap international calls effortlessly.


  • High-quality calls
  • Easy to use and free download    
  • Offline Calling feature


  • User needs to buy the voice credit


Ringo is an excellent free international calling app that leverages a different call flow to provide high-quality calls at lower costs than other well-known calling apps. This calling app doesn't use data or Wi-Fi but requires internet connectivity for login. Instead, it works with regular phone lines. This calling app is available on both iOS and Android.

Ringo's international calling works through a credit system that you can top up depending on how much you want to use. Moreover, you don't require any registration or monthly subscription to use Ringo's calling (audio and video) services.

With Ringo, you can:

  • Make groups
  • Add your contacts to it as members
  • Initiate a conversation with them
  • Receive and send videos, photos, GPS locations, and documents.

The app offers both calling and messaging features, and all the data is end-to-end encrypted.


  • Charges based on your consumption
  • No subscription or registration requirements    
  • Receivers don't need to download the application


  • Difficulty with adding contacts directly to the application


TextNow is a calling and texting app that lets you access free services across Canada and the United States. Voicemail boxes, group messaging, conference calling, and more are some of its features that you can enjoy across all devices over Wi-Fi.

This free international calling app also provides a free phone number to make online calls and send text messages. You can also purchase an appropriate calling plan to leverage the app without a Wi-Fi connection. You will require an internet connection to sign in to your app account and call on international numbers.

TextNow also has its SIM activation kit for users who want to leverage the Sprint network instead of relying on local internet connections. The app also offers data plans and ad-free plans if you genuinely want a typical phone experience with their services.

Some countries with TextNow are also free of charge, like Italy and Mexico. Even if you want to make international calls apart from the countries applicable for free calling services, the rates are affordable and relatively low, making reaching your friends and family a breeze.

With TextNow, you have:

  • Caller ID feature that helps you identify unknown numbers
  • Voicemail transcription feature
  • Call forwarding
  • Stickers
  • Emojis
  • Customized tones

All these features are included to make international calling and message as easy as possible.


  • Seamless calling process
  • Unified inbox    
  • Secure messages


  • Phone number resetting issues

Wrapping up

Regardless of the kind of experience you are seeking, you have ample options to choose from when it comes to an international calling app with the specific features that would satisfy your needs. Whether it charges a small fee or it is a free service, the app offers valuable benefits when it comes to connecting with your loved ones abroad.

Free downloadable international calling apps come attached with various features that enable you to decide which company service can be well-suited for your communication purposes.

Offering an array of data and call packages/plans to choose from, those mentioned above are some of the best international calling apps that have empowered individuals and businesses alike to thrive and form more meaningful relationships.

These calling applications ease the connecting process for anybody, even if they are in the world's farthest corners, without any hassle. You just need to register and enable services to make calls to your friends and loved ones. Ultimately, you get an optimized and seamless experience with all of these international calling apps.

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