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People are always looking for quick and affordable ways to communicate with their loved ones abroad. They want an instant solution that helps them stay connected. If you feel the same way, prepaid PINless calling cards can be your go-to option.


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PINless calling cards allow you to make international calls without requiring a PIN code to help you connect quickly with your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones. Plus the setup process is a breeze and you can even recharge your PINless calling cards and take advantage of significant savings while experiencing the ease of dialing.

Physical cards vs. virtual PINless calling cards

Now that you have a rough understanding on how PINless calling cards work, here is the difference between physical cards and virtual PINless calling cards.

Physical cards

Physical phone calling cards are a handy and convenient solution for people looking to save on international or domestic calls. Purchasing physical prepaid long-distance calling cards allows you to call internationally at an affordable rate without moving from your existing phone provider. It is a secure and simple way to call from the comfort of your home.

You can purchase and use a physical card for a standard fee to make international long-distance phone calls. Once you buy the card, you can easily use it by calling an access number that can be a either a toll-free or a local telephone number.

You will need to enter the PIN code listed on the back of your card. An automated voice assistant will let you know the time and calling minutes you have left along with other relevant details before prompting you to dial.

Virtual PINless calling cards

Virtual PINless calling cards are available digitally and don't have a physical presence. When you purchase virtual pinless calling cards you will receive an email containing complete information on their usage, the balance check process and a personal identification number (PIN) to use during activation. The service providers also include support details to further assist the customers.

Once your account is activated, you will be able to place a call using your calling card's provided access number. The system will recognize the number of the phone you are calling from to immediately identify your account, so there is no need to enter your PIN. Most virtual PINless international calling cards allow up to 6-10 phone numbers to be registered with an online account to allow you to easily call from multiple phones.

You can find many calling card providers that offer PINless calling cards like Tel3, Rebtel, BOSS Revolution. Virtual calling cards can be purchased and activated online or at a local store and allow you to make international long-distance calls from your contact lists, add balance to your account, and leverage local minutes for calls overseas without the difficulty of PINs or physical cards.

How to call using prepaid international calling cards?

Calling using a prepaid international phone card is as simple and straightforward as dialing home. Here are some easy, standard steps when it comes to using prepaid calling cards:

Step 1. Purchase a calling card online or in-store

Step 2. You will get your identification number (PIN) and an 800 number

Step 3. Dial the 800, your access number

Step 4. Listen and follow the instructions

Step 5. Enter your PIN code on the phone

Step 6. You'll receive information on your existing card balance

Step 7. Dial destination number

It is that simple. Keep in mind, every time you use your calling card, you pay a lot less on your calls compared to what you'd pay for permanent and extended calling plan services. The most exciting thing about prepaid international calling cards is that they provide you with a seamless long-distance solution for all your international phone calls.

With your prepaid phone cards, you can talk to your friends, family, and business associates around the world. While different card services and packages may vary according to the provider you choose, all offer the ability to make international calls smoothly.

Before purchasing a card make sure to read through the card details and requirements to see if there are any connection or maintenance fees. Essentially, you will be required to dial the provided access number at the start of every call with your international prepaid calling card for the database and your service company.

What is PINless dialing?

PINless dialing enables you to make calls internationally without requiring you to enter a PIN code. A phone number is required when you sign up via an online portal or at the card issuer’s local store. The system then recognizes you via your Caller ID, helping you connect your calls without dialing a PIN code.

With a PINless dialing feature activated on your calling cards, you can make cheap pinless international calls overseas without the need to have a complicated and long PIN code, making it a smooth calling experience from landline or mobile phones.

Where to buy prepaid calling cards?

You can easily find and buy prepaid calling cards from gas stations, local convenience stores, and newspaper stands. Big retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart in the U.S. have also started to supply prepaid calling cards.

The cards advertise affordable rates of one or two cents per minute. However, various fees, such as weekly fees to own the card, hang-up fees, and connection fees, can deplete your available balance/funds from the money you pay for your calling card.

You can also buy prepaid phone cards from many places, such as:

  • Online stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Phone companies
  • Convenience stores
  • Superstores

It is imperative to consider the purchase value based on the related terms of your calling card. Read all of the calling card’s packaging to find any hidden charges that can be a massive downside of leveraging a calling card.

In addition, some calling card issuers have been going bankrupt, which can land you in trouble. All outstanding calling cards become useless when a company goes out of business, herefore, it is crucial to buy from dependable service providers to ensure quality and stability.

Calling apps

Technology has evolved, and so have communication methods. Today, people leverage calling apps to connect with their friends and loved ones around the world rather than using international calling cards.

Given the growth of calling apps, international phone cards are becoming outdated and impractical. Furthermore, they are often associated with fraud, scams and can have misleading fees.

Opting for a simple calling application that works for international and domestic calls makes it stress-free for you to communicate with your loved ones.

Moreover, calling apps are highly affordable and some let you make free calls over the internet. You need to find the app that works for you. Free international calling apps have been gaining popularity since their inception, but they can have quality or reliability issues due to their dependence on wifi.

An international calling app such as BOSS Revolution offers cost-effective rates for international calls. You can save more money and never worry about calling plans, hidden fees or contracts.

BOSS Revolution also delivers exceptional voice calls, which means clear quality and no voice lags/delays frequently experienced when calling over wifi. Plus,you can rest easy knowing that BOSS Revolution guarantees the ultimate level of privacy protection through data encryption while ensuring precision.

The BOSS Revolution app allows you to do more than just call. You can also leverage the app to send international mobile top-ups overseas, top-up local mobile phones, and even stay up to date on the news and scores from other countries.

Wrapping up

The bottom line is that calling card solutions are a low-cost and hassle-free alternative to roaming and costly international calls from the U.S. when using your mobile operator.

Today, most prepaid calling cards come with various rates and fees, but most of these service providers also offer PINless dialing. With PINless calling cards you can avoid connection fees and hidden charges when making high-quality calls without the hassle of complicated PIN numbers.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of July 18, 2021

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