How to call Australia from the U.S.

Stuck in New York and got a family back home in Sydney? Or are you setting up a business and need to figure out how to make calls to Australia from the U.S.?

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Setting up a system to make international calls is a smart move because over 92 percent1 of customer interactions happen over phone calls. Also, Australia may be a great customer2 base for you as the purchasing power of Australians is relatively high, and it continues to increase year over year.


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No matter the reason, if you are searching for ways to call Australia from America, this article will provide  you with different ways to do just that.

Do you know Australia’s international calling code?

Before we figure out available options, you need to know the country code and local codes you’ll have to dial to reach the right person.

Calling Australia mobile from the USA

Pick the correct city code from this list:

City Code City Code
Adelaide 8 Melton
Albury-Wodonga 2 Mildura
Ballarat 3 Newcastle
Bendigo 3 Orange
Brisbane 7 Perth
Bunbury 8 Port Macquarie
Bundaberg 7 Rockhampton
Cairns 7 Rockingham
Canberra 2 Shepperton
Darwin 8 Sunbury
Geelong 3 Sunshine Coast
Gold Coast 8 Sydney
Gosford 2 Tamworth 2
Hervey Bay 7 Tweeds Head
Hobart 3 Townsville
Launceston 3 Toowoomba 7
Mackay 7 Wagga Wagga 2
Maitland 2 Warrnambool 3
Mandurah 8 Wollongong 2
Melbourne 3    

Now that you’ve  identified your city code,let’s get started.

The first 3 numbers you need to dial when calling internationally are called exit code. You must dial an exit code  when calling outside of the U.S. The exit code for the U.S. is 011.
After dialing the exit code , you will have to dial the country code, which for Australia is 61. So far, your display screen should read 01161 which essentially tells your phone system that your call will exit the States and enter Australia.

A zero is added before the number when making domestic calls within Australia. So, if you call from the U.S., keep in mind that you will have to omit it before making the call.

Calling a landline number

Once you have dialed the exit and country codes, you will need to add the city code and then dial the phone number without zero. Be aware that the area code is just a single digit.

Overall, it is pretty simple to call an Australian landline phone., just take note of the order of the codes and dial away.

Everything is the same when calling a mobile phone besides the single digit code. All mobiles have a 4 added before the phone number because this is the mobile code.

Australia area codes

To make it easier for you to remember the most important area codes, you can refer to the following table:

Area code


State or territory

Capital city


Central East

New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory

Sydney, Canberra


South East

Victoria, Tasmania

Melbourne, Hobart


Mobile telephones




North East




Central and West

Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory

Perth, Adelaide, Darwin

Please note that some parts of Victoria use the 02 code, whereas parts of New South Wales also use the 03 and 08 area codes.

How much does it cost to call Australia

Costs vary according to the carriers and plans you choose. However, here are the rates you can expect to call from the U.S. to Australia.



Mobile rate

Landline rate

BOSS Revolution

Unlimited $2/mo




World Connect Advantage4 $15/mo per line



Boost Mobile5

International Connect PLUS ($10/mo)

200 minutes, then $0.15/min



World Plan ($17.99/mo)




Unlimited Together World $15/mo



The data shown in the table above is up to date as of July 27, 2021. The current data may differ slightly because of changes in policies and fluctuations in calling rates.

The best calling card option

However, not everyone will have access to the internet at all times or pay a fixed monthly amount. If you would like more control over when and how to call Australia from America, then BOSS Revolution calling cards are an excellent option. 

Calling Australia from the U.S. for free

Of course, not everyone may need calling cards or plans to call Australia from the United States. If you have a stable internet connection and the person you call can download the same application as you, it is possible to talk to them for no cost at all over Wifi.

Here are some online apps that allow you to make free calls:

BOSS Revolution
has an easy system that will enable you to make free calls through their app. All you have to do is download their app, signup and then make app to app calls for free.
is a great option to make both voice and video calls to people internationally. It’s free, and all you need is an internet connection. However, it is only available for iPhone users.
is another application that you can download for free and call other people with the app no matter where in the world they reside.

How to call Australia from Hawaii?

The process to call Australia from Hawaii is the same as calling from any other place within the U.S.  Follow these steps to make a phone call to someone in Australia from Hawaii: If you are dialing from, let’s say, Honolulu and want to reach someone in Melbourne, all you have to do is add the prefix, which will be 011. Then, add the international code for Australia, which is 61. The city code for Melbourne is 3, so you will add that. Then dial the number without the national prefix, which is 0.

For example, if the number was 0407083304, you will dial 407083304 after 01161. The complete number will be 011 61 407083304.

Voice solutions for business

Nowadays, VoIP solutions are relatively common and sustainable for businesses of all types and sizes to adopt.

Virtual phone systems are cloud-based and enable users to receive and make calls using their mobile phones or laptops. It helps provide flexibility and mobility, unlike on-premise systems used in yesteryears. In addition, you won’t need to install new hardware, making it a cost-effective solution.

Thus, adding a virtual phone number can help you leverage the internet and call internationally with ease and at a reasonable cost. 

Tips to keep in mind when calling Australian clients from the U.S.

There are certain etiquettes to keep in mind when talking to someone from a different culture and region. The way they may conduct themselves can differ from how you may do so.

  • English is the official language of Australia, but you’ll be surprised by how different it sounds in the local accent. Additionally, Australian expressions are very different from anything you may have heard stateside or even in the U.K. 
  • It’s best not to experiment.tick with the standard English phrases you know. For example, when addressing someone say Hello instead of G’day mate, as that may be condescending to hear from a foreigner. Also, Australians tend to use first names8. They are pretty informal in all communications, whether or not you are meeting for the first time.
  • Try to avoid personal topics such as politics or religion, unless they bring it up first. Also, steer clear of their history, Aboriginal Australians, immigration laws, and refrain from making comments regarding their accent. However, they do love talking about sports and the weather, so you can use those to start a conversation.

In conclusion

Geography should not limit communication with important people. Whether they be potential business partners, customers, or family members, there are ways to reach them over the phone through a variety of ways that are affordable, easy, and seamless.

With resources like BOSS Revolution, it has certainly become easier and more convenient to get in touch with friends, family, clients, and partners no matter where in the world they may be. So make sure you have the right tools and resources at your disposal when calling anyone in the Land Down Under.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of Jul 27, 2021









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