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Gustavo Villeda — To another place with my music

Gustavo Villeda — To another place with my music

Gustavo — To another place with my music

I am a chemical engineer. I started my first job as a general manager, at a very young age, in a paint factory. Later, I started my own business and, thank God, it was a success.

But I began to realize that I needed to do something with music because I am also a musician and composer. I could see where my life was heading, but without music, I was not going to feel fulfilled.

I launched a song that was a #1 hit in my country [Guatemala], “All women are princesses” and it was very successful, even today, you can still hear it on the radio there. So I saw that I really had opportunities as a musician and that I could live in the US by getting a talent visa.

We sold everything. Dismantled the home, walked through the empty house and all our memories there. We were very happy there.

My two children are in the university, Rodrigo 21 years old and Isabel 20 years old. My son is going into his fourth-year of college, in Business, and my daughter is studying Marketing.

The American system is great because once they were 18 years old, they could work. My daughter works part time in a restaurant close to my home, and my son as a part-time with the Dolphins… It’s great because they already have a certain financial independence.

I’m very happy here, the Caribbean Sea, the beaches, I love the sea, the beach, fishing and it’s so close here. Just imagine. There’s this tremendously beautiful cosmopolitan city, at the edge of the sea, what else can I ask from this life?

♪ It’s surprising trying to reach your love, I have been forgotten, with hands full of hope, I feel more than lost, I am scared, and I am cold, my love, Where are you, my love? How are you, love? Where are you, sweetie, because I can’t forget you… ♪

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