Kedir Seid - Family and Soccer

I was born in Ethiopia but grew up in the United States.

I hated coming here, I didn't want to come because I was leaving my friends behind. I didn't have the problems like other people had, I didn't have to leave my family because we all came at the same time, but the really...really hard part for me, was leaving my friends behind.

I remember going all the way to Minnesota, on the Greyhound bus, just to play.

I love soccer, I don't think there is anything I love more than soccer.

Now I run a family business, we own a grocery store. We live good here because we are unified. My family are very united, from the youngest to the oldest, and because of the families strength in unity, there’s nothing we hide from each other. We enjoy a good life because if someone is down, we will help them and when someone is up, it helps the others.

In America you can be whoever you want to be, whatever that is, but it must come from within you, what you wish for and how bad you want it.

I don't believe in working for others, that is my mentality. Many people like to cut corners, I don't. I take the right path and make sure, with all my strength, that I get what I want.

I still have a  lot to accomplish, but day by day and with the support of my family, I believe anything is possible and anything can happen.

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