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Making international phone calls to landlines can be costly, especially if you have family members or friends you frequently call. Even a toll-free number isn't entirely free and can incur charges.


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Fortunately, there are ways to get and stay in touch with your friends and family abroad without spending a lot on international calling. As long as you have a stable internet connection and the right app on your phone, you can make landline free calls any time of the day.

International phone calls to landlines are a lot more affordable with calling app solutions. So let us help you figure out how to make free international calls to a landline.

FAQs: How to make free international calls?

Can you call an international landline without any charges?

Usually, that is not the case. However, new service providers can sometimes provide free minutes, or appealing promo offers that allow you to make international landline free calls. Mainly, renowned calling companies offer free minutes as an incentive for inviting a friend to try these services.

It’s way easier to find calling service providers that offer free app-to-app calling services than those that provide free app to landline calling services. Some of the international calling apps just require internet connectivity during app-to-app calls without incurring any charges. However, if you call landlines, it costs a lot, and companies charge you.

Are there fraud calling companies?

Some calling platforms are scams, and these companies use false advertising to promise you free calling services. However, when you actually try to make free calls, it doesn't work. Also, they usually require you to top up your account to make calls. Therefore, you need to be mindful of such services.

How to make international calls from a landline?

To make calls abroad with a landline, use VOIP service providers that offer affordable international calls via a local access number.

Can you make free international calls via a computer?

Various applications and platforms allow you to call overseas from your computer or to your friend's computer. You can also talk via a smartphone with the other person on a computer and still enjoy the free call.

Apps you can use to make free international calls to landlines

Here is a round-up of some of the best international calling apps. Choose one that fits your requirements and budget and is appropriate for your location.

Telio is a robust calling platform that allows you to make international calls to landline and mobile numbers. In addition, it provides users with the opportunity to call via Wi-Fi at affordable rates irrespective of where in the world they are.
The platform provides good mobile coverage and works with 3G/4G. However, bear in mind that the data or operator charges may apply. And for every successful referral, you get a 10% discount on your monthly fee.
Additionally, Telio's Free plan offers you 10 calls per month1, free international calling, and 10 minutes of call time for free. So, in addition to other Telio One users, you can make international calls to anyone.
Make free and unlimited calls to international numbers. With Telio, you don't have to worry about additional fees or roaming charges when speaking to your family or colleagues around the world.
BOSS Revolution
BOSS Revolution is a feature-rich and dependable international texting and calling application that lets you make calls to landline numbers to anybody living anywhere in the world. Using the application and creating an account is simple, and its users applaud it for its powerful features and ease of use.
Additionally, the BOSS Revolution application offers high-quality, affordable calling landlines and mobile numbers virtually worldwide. You can also top up your account's credit via the app, local retailer, or phone with the help of interactive voice response (IVR). This app makes it easy to add credit and make long-distance calls internationally on a landline or mobile number.
Referrals are encouraged as the app offers its users a $5 bonus for every person they refer, plus each new contact receives a $2 compensation when they create an account.
Rebtel is another excellent application for making international calls to landlines. The quality and reliability of calls are of utmost importance during a call, and that is where Rebtel excels. Their application works seamlessly, providing you a top-notch quality regardless of your location.
Apart from the apparent call quality advantages, Rebtel also provides a user-friendly and intuitive phone application that is easy to figure out and works reliably well. Additionally, with their unique Red Box functionality, you get a unique experience that's tailored to your particular usage.
Furthermore, Rebtel also offers a referral bonus and a $5 calling credit2 when your friends sign up.
This one has limited functionality since it only lets users call landlines in 12 countries, including India, Hong Kong, and the US. However, WeChat is still a popular and excellent calling platform, especially among those who prefer it for its ease of use and added features.
You can easily make calls and text, use local services, read news, and enjoy the app's mobile payment features, WeChat Pay, and much more. In addition, the application allows users to make calls to actual landline and phone numbers.
New WeChat users receive an hour of free credit for calling3 by inviting their friends. The more people you refer, the more free calls you get.
TalkU is a free calling and messaging platform that helps you save up to 90% of the cost you'd incur with a standard phone company. It allows you to make cheap calls on landline numbers via cellular data or Wi-Fi. In addition, TalkU also offers free text and a free phone number to help you easily connect with anyone.
The TalkU app is an excellent calling platform that enables you to call any mobile or landline phone number in more than 200 countries at pretty affordable rates. So earn TalkU Credits and call anyone around the world.
With the TalkU app, you can earn extra credits the right and easy way. For example, invite your friends and earn 20 free credits for every friend you invite.

What is the difference between calls to landlines and to cell phones for companies and individuals?

A business phone call gets relatively more demanding than the standard home phone service. This is because businesses depend on calls to communicate with the customers, vendors, and staff. Communication needs can span the state length or the globe length.

This means that companies' phone lines need to be more robust to manage more traffic than the standard phone services used by individuals. In addition, calls to companies, be it to the landline or cell phone, require additional capabilities and features to facilitate these calls.

Also, companies need to conduct conference calls with various people, manage call forwarding, and be ready for multiple lines. However, some of these features aren't required for individual user calls.

Moreover, VoIP or voice-over-internet protocol is becoming more commonly used. This allows both individuals and businesses to make calls via their internet service provider. And this is more reliable as compared to traditional phone call services.

Why do companies charge for landline calls?

Phone carriers are investing a significant amount while framing connection lines in remote areas. As a result, distance has a considerable effect on the way calls are being charged. For this reason, there are different area codes that operators usually use as the foundation to fix a price for the calls.

It is essential to maintain the connection throughout the call irrespective of the distance, be it thousands of kilometers or a few miles. Consequently, users have to pay high charges for international or long-distance calls to or for landlines.

In addition, various operators also charge fees for interconnection when competitors eradicate calls on their network that vary significantly for specific international calls.

Usually, the calls made to or from landline numbers are charged comparatively more and are individually billed as the call travels over a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). However, as people embrace the VoIP call system, the number of terminated calls on the PSTN decreases every day.

Also, in the areas where people are still using landlines, many phone operators are moving the standard infrastructure to VoIP calling systems. It eliminates the stress of aging copper networks that require costly repairs frequently.

Apart from the increasing recognition of VoIP services and applications, the usage of landline calls is decreasing.

Best international calling plans for landlines

Texting and calling data plans can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, many brilliant international calling apps offer super appealing plans for landlines. Moreover, it is easy and safe to use any of these applications to stay connected.

Here are some best platforms with affordable international calling plans for landlines:

BOSS Revolution
BOSS Revolution is a free international calling app that works for mobile and landline numbers. You get to enjoy high call quality with mobile top-ups that let you conveniently call and text over Wi-Fi.
Furthermore, you can easily add funds to your BOSS Revolution account and make international calls to landline and mobile numbers.
All in all, the platform offers great international calling plans for landline numbers while ensuring seamless calling. In addition, BOSS Revolution allows you to send in-app messages and call for free when you want to.
Diitalk is one of the other all-inclusive free-calling app and VoIP providers. This application allows you to make free long-distance, international and local dialed calls with the help of Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks— even to users who don't have this application!
The application enables you to connect with any landline or mobile number. Some of the locations where you can make free calls via this platform are Canada, Australia, Denmark, China, India, Thailand, Germany, South Korea, the USA, the UK, and many more.
With Diitalk4, you can enjoy free calls to landlines and mobile. The call service provides 1 hour and 30 minutes of calling to multiple countries with 10 minutes daily limit.
Vonage is a popular name in the calling app business. However, the app's setup is a bit complex relative to other platforms, as it's exclusively designed for pro use, so getting started might be overwhelming for users.
As quickly as possible, Vonage necessitates5 the users to sign up for the business service or home phone service to make international calls, which offers a range of different international landline pricing options.
The platform requires you to download their Vonage Extensions app to make calls via your smartphone. This gives you complete control over your business or home phone service on your particular device.
VoIP Stunt
VoIP Stunt is one of the best calling app software out there. However, their website layout and some of the company's terms and conditions can sway away users' interest.
VoIP Stunt offers6 paid and free calling plans to mobile and landlines numbers worldwide. However, unlike applications that you can install on your phone, you will have to download the free VoIP Stunt software to begin with.
From there, you can make calls via your mobile devices, fixed phones, or your computers. The platform also offers free texting services.
Libon is a brilliant international calling app that offers appealing plans to make calls to mobile and landline numbers in various countries.
The platform charges no fees to connect, offers cheap rates/second billing, no expiration dates for the minutes you buy, and the autonomy to stay connected with your loved ones and acquaintances from anywhere across the world. Libon7 is an all-inclusive international calling app.
Overall, Libon is an excellent option to opt for if you need to speak and connect with your loved ones without the fear of running up your bills. Also, you can purchase unlimited plans in the future from Libon's app.
This calling app solution stands out by offering top-up for the minutes in your account and paying for credit that is added to your family's SIM cards if needed.
If your family members depend on you financially, especially with phone-related payments, this is a vital feature that can help you keep up with the calling plans. Although this is just one feature, it can be an effective and appealing one for many.

Making cheap international calls from landline

The thought of long-distance calls on landlines evokes images of costly phone bills. However, making international calls doesn't have to be expensive. In some cases, it can be free.

If you want to get in touch with your acquaintances overseas or leave the country on vacation, don't settle for costly rates that your calling app providers will charge.

Explore some of the cost-effective ways to make cheap international calls from a landline.
  • Use international SIM cards

Using your phone to make international calls while traveling can be expensive. Buying international calling packages from your respective carrier isn't worth it since they can be costly.

A clever way to make cheap calls overseas and save money is by purchasing an international or local SIM card for your smartphone.

Some providers sell SIM cards in several places, letting you easily and quickly buy a local one. Purchase an international SIM card and enjoy cheap calls from a landline.

  • International/Virtual calling cards

International calling cards are good if you want to keep things simple and don't want to spend money when making calls overseas from your landline.

You can purchase international calling cards virtually or at some specific shops, such as the Post Office. Typically, you will have the option to buy calling cards with a preset value, depending on the location. You will have to scratch the card's backside or have it sent to you via email to get the unique access number.

Find prepaid calling cards in-person or online at stations, airports, gas, and supermarkets.

Bear in mind that some companies also charge recharging and maintenance fees, so make sure you read the details before choosing the calling card company.

  • VoIP landline services

In addition to Facetime and Skype, you can leverage a VoIP service easily from a landline phone to call internationally. Essentially, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that lets you make calls via the internet rather than through conventional landlines. You can purchase VoIP phones or use analog telephone adapters to connect conventional analog telephones to a virtual VoIP network. With VoIP services, you can make calls abroad at affordable rates.

Wrapping up

The calling applications mentioned above offer many competitive pricing plans, features, and functionality for business needs and personal use, helping you decide which is the most well-suited option for you.

However, all the platforms on this list have their perks, so take your time to pick one that fits your particular needs.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of Oct 19, 2021


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