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With the press of a few buttons, you can talk to anyone from anywhere in the world using your cellphone. To do this, you need to add minutes to your phone from one of many possible sources. 

You can get these minutes from prepaid phones, regular mobile carriers, calling cards, and other options. Try any of these options to add money or airtime to your cellphone if you want to make a call.

Several cellular companies also offer packages for talk time. They take a fixed package fee or charge separately to add minutes to your cellular device. 

You can also call using the balance in your service provider's account, but it is better to opt for a package because it is better value for money.

You can subscribe to these packages either online through the mobile app or use USSD codes that let you subscribe to packages offline as well.

Adding minutes online

You can recharge your phone online by visiting your service provider's website or mobile app and adding money to your balance. This can then be used to add airtime or minutes to your credit or automatically charge by the provider if you are making a call. Providers such as Tracfone and Verizon offer this service, but only to their customers. Boss Revolution can let you top up airtime on any number all over the world through their website.

Boss Revolution is an online platform that allows you to send money to a mobile anywhere in the world. So whether you want to send money to yourself or your friends and family, Boss revolution makes this process easy. All you have to do is follow the steps and send money easily.

  1. Register on the site
  2. Add your payment method to your account
  3. Choose the country and number you want to top up
  4. Choose mobile carrier
  5. Choose the amount or package you wish to send
  6. Click "Send mobile top-up."

Once done, you can use this money to buy packages from your mobile carrier. 

If you are looking for a calling service provider download Boss Revolution Calling App or use Boss Revolution virtual calling cards if you prefer using web applications. 

Similar services can be found with Alcatel, Verizon, and Tracfone, which offer online top-up and offline prepaid card methods to add money to your mobile balance.

Adding minutes with cash

To add minutes with cash, visit your local retailer and buy a prepaid card that can be added to your phone through a code or a toll-free number (depending on the service provider you have). There are many providers such as Verizon and Tracfone that offer prepaid card services.These minutes can be purchased with cash from a retailer at a fixed rate.

Mobile apps

Most service providers have mobile apps that you can use to add minutes, top up your balance and subscribe to the package. For example, the Verizon or Tracfone app will let you top up balance or buy packages, but only specific to the service provider.

The Boss Revolution Calling App lets you top up money and then purchase packages for service providers worldwide, making it the one-stop solution to buy minutes for phone calls. Download the Boss Revolution Calling App and learn how you can start calling anywhere in the world.

Tracfone: how to add minutes

Tracfone is one of the most popular cellular providers. They offer the service to top up your account or buy prepaid minutes and packages. You can add money or airtime with the help of Tracfone.

Follow the instructions on how to add airtime to your phone.

  1. Visit TracFone.com1 and click the "Add or Buy Airtime" button
  2. Click on "Buy Airtime Online"
  3. Select the number of minutes you want to purchase and enter your Tracfone number
  4. Select "Continue" 
  5. Follow the given instructions to finalize your purchase

Tracfone aims to offer its customers convenience through simplified methods. You can use the online method as mentioned above to add airtime. Tracfone also offers the service of prepaid cards that you can buy from third-party retailers.

The added airtime can then be used to make calls on normal charges or buy packages for minutes from the Tracfone website and mobile app.

Please note that the Tracfone website does give you the option to add minutes to your dedicated Tracfone number but does not allow you to send money to any other service provider. If you want to add balance to your mobile or even a friend's number, you need to ensure that the service provider is Tracfone.

How to get free minutes on your phone

More often than not, service providers offer free minutes and promotions to their new clients to call internationally. These promo offers are periodic and can be used by the customer at any time. However, please note that your service provider typically starts charging you once the minutes from the promo offer have been used.

In conclusion, you need airtime in your mobile balance to make calls to people. All service providers offer their consumers top-ups, minutes, and packages for them to use. Boss revolution lets you top up mobile networks from all over the world, allowing them to buy minutes or packages.

If you wonder how to put minutes on your or someone else's phone, Boss Revolution is the answer. Visit Boss Revolution to learn more.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of May 17, 2022


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