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Cubacel is the only telephone company that provides cell phone service throughout Cuba. It also offers top up bundles that provide the receiver with data, calling time and text messages. So most people with families in Cuba send top-ups for Cubacel. And we know how important it is to do so – Sending a recharge to your loved ones in Cuba helps to ensure their phone always has airtime balance allowing them to stay connected to their loved ones.

If you like your money to go further, you probably wait for the promotions that Cubacel offers when sending a top up. In this article we will share the latest offers and promotions for Cubacel.  This section will be updated regularly to reflect the different promos throughout the month.  Make sure to check back periodically so you don't miss the chance to send more balance to your family and friends with every top up.

Best promo offers to recharge Cubacel

Discover current Cubacel promotions below and top up your loved ones’ phones today.

Boss Revolution

You can use BOSS Revolution to instantly send Cubacel recharge to Cuba – trusted by millions globally.

Special promotions

Top Up between 500-1250 CUP to any phone in Cuba and they’ll receive 7X bonus.

  • More details: The Cubacel customer will receive a 7X bonus + Unlimited Data from 00:00am - 7:00am for 30 days. However, your recharge amount must meet the minimum or more to qualify.
  • Offer expires: 05/13/2024 5:59 AM
  • Minimum top-up amount: 500 CUP
  • Maximum top-up amount: 1250 CUP
  • Bonus expiration/validity: Data expires in 30 days.

$2 free for calling when you create a BOSS Revolution account

  • More details: Receive a $2 bonus for calling services when you or your loved one create an account with BOSS Revolution for the first time.
  • Dates: Ongoing
  • Minimum top-up amount: $13
  • Bonus expiration/validity: No expiration date

$5 free for each referral

  • More details: Get a $5 bonus for each friend or family you refer that downloads the BOSS Revolution App. The person will also receive $2 for creating an account with BOSS Revolution.
  • Dates: Ongoing
  • Minimum top-up amount: $13
  • Bonus expiration/validity: No expiration date

How to recharge a Cubacel number?

With BOSS Revolution, you can recharge any Cuban phone instantly and from almost anywhere in the world. You can also recharge mobile data, not just call time.

  1. Create an account by downloading the BOSS Revolution Calling App (app store here) or using the BOSS Revolution website. You’ll need to provide your phone number and some personal details to complete the process.
  2. Choose the amount of CUP you want to send. Ensure you meet the minimum CUP amount for any promotion so your loved ones can get the bonuses. Also, consider splitting your top-ups for maximum benefits. For example, if the minimum top-up amount is 500 CUP and you want to send 1500 CUP – splitting your transaction into three separate deliveries should triple the benefits of Cubacel bonuses.
  3. Enter the Cuban number that you’d like to top up. Note that you can top up friends, family, or even your phone.
  4. Enjoy connecting and chatting with the people you hold dear. With BOSS Revolution, top-ups typically arrive instantly, and bonuses apply within 24 hours.

Cubacel plans

Cubacel released new plans last year. Starting from July 19, 2021, users will receive more MB for all networks (including LTE), more national SMS/text and minutes, and a national navigation bonus of 300 MB.

Here’s how to get the plans.

  • For regular or standard plans: You don't have to do anything new to get the plans. Just do a Cubacel recharge as usual and tell your recipient to choose their preferred plan once top up is received – by dialing *133# and selecting option 5.
  • For the LTE-specific plan: LTE increased from 14 GB to 16 GB, and the price dropped to 950 CUP. People in Cuba should dial *133# and choose option 4 to get LTE packages.

All plans are valid for 30 days from the time services activate. Buying a combined plan will add any previously applied accumulated balance to the corresponding plan balance for a new total.

Where to find promotions

You can find Cubacel and other recharge promotions from the BOSS Revolution website, mobile app, or through BOSS push notifications and emails.


This mobile application allows users to make phone calls, top up mobile phones, and send text messages.

Special promotions

Currently, there are no special promotions from Cuballama for existing customers.

Where to find promotions

You can find promotions through their mobile app, website, and other communications (push notifications, email, texts, etc.).


Cubatel is a company that lets you recharge Cubacel (calls and SMS) and Nauta. They have an app that’s fairly easy to use and offers a unique cashback system to reward customers for purchases.

As of this article, Cubatel is also giving 10 free SMS and 10 minutes for just $1 when you start using their service.


This is another decent choice to recharge mobile phones and Nauta accounts. Recharges are typically fast to reach the recipient, and they don't charge customers until they receive delivery confirmation.

Currently, Fonoma is offering 3% back on every recharge, 7€ credit from their refer a friend program, up to 10% discount on group recharges, and other general promotions from Cubacel.

Promotions to recharge Nauta

Like with minutes, you can typically recharge a Nauta account from anywhere in the world.

The usual steps are as follows:    

  1. Choose a provider that supports Nauta recharges
  2. Download the corresponding app
  3. Select the amount you want to send
  4. Enter the email address of the recipient Nauta account
  5. Pick and add your payment method

After purchase, the recipient should receive the Nauta recharge instantly. However, keep in mind that the steps shared here are general, and the process may be slightly different with some providers.

Two commonly used companies for Nauta recharges are Ding and RecargasACuba. Ding supports 150 countries and also lets you send mobile top-ups to friends and family. RecargasaCuba is similar to Ding because it also supports phone recharges to Cuba.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of December 6, 2022

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