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Send MTN mobile recharges abroad from the US

Recharge MTN online anytime through the BOSS Revolution app or website to send money abroad from the USA.

With over 292 million customers in 19 markets, MTN is Africa's largest mobile network operator and offers a comprehensive suite of voice, data, fintech, digital, and enterprise solutions.

These services are a testament to MTN's commitment to bridging the digital divide and advancing global sustainability, which aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since its inception in 1994, MTN has been pivotal in transforming communication infrastructure and fostering digital inclusion.

MTN’s values of care, integrity, agility, respect, and inclusion guide their mission to provide comprehensive, accessible connectivity that helps ensure every customer benefits from a modern, connected life.

Instant and easy MTN top-ups with BOSS Revolution

Set up an account

Register for a BOSS Revolution account through our website or mobile app. Provide all the required details, such as your full name and mobile number. Log into your account to start the top-up process.

Enter the recipient's mobile number

Go to the BOSS Revolution top-up page and choose Digicel from the list of mobile carriers. Then, enter the Digicel mobile number you want to top up.

Select the type of top-up you want to send

Choose from regular airtime to data bundles and select a payment method. Check to see if there are any carrier promotions. Click “Send” and track your top-up. Your recipient gets the Digicel top-up within minutes!

BOSS Revolution app

BOSS Revolution app

Download the BOSS Revolution app to conveniently send mobile recharges internationally with no hidden fees. Use our highly rated app to top up any MTN mobile number anytime, anywhere.

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Why send airtime to MTN with BOSS Revolution?

Transparent Process

Every stage in our top-up process is done with transparency. You know fully well what is happening and can trust that your top-up gets to your recipient.

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Reliable Connection

Stay connected with anyone through SMS, calls, or the internet with BOSS Revolution. Our mobile recharge services are available anytime and anywhere in the world.

Secure and Safe Transactions

Protecting your personal data is our top priority. Stringent rules are in place to make sure your data stays safe as you send your top-ups.

FAQs about your MTN top-up

How do I recharge MTN online?

You can recharge MTN online by downloading the BOSS Revolution app or going to BOSS Revolution’s website. From there, type in the MTN number and select a bundle or top-up amount. Choose the payment method you want to use and click “Send.”

Are there any fees for topping up MTN?

BOSS Revolution doesn’t charge transaction fees, and there are no hidden charges for topping up MTN. That means you’re only responsible for the top-up amount shown. However, fees for MTN top-ups vary based on the top-up method and platform you use.

Are there any customized MTN Prepaid Bundles or Plans?

Subscribers of MTN have access to various plans and bundle options, providing flexibility to choose the one that fits your budget and specific needs. BOSS Revolution lets you send top-up amounts from US$5. You can get Stay Connected Plans, Yard Plans, and Prime Bundles.

How soon will the addressee receive the airtime?

Top-ups process instantly and will get to your recipient within a few seconds. On rare occasions, delays may occur due to issues with mobile carriers. However, these are often resolved fast — within minutes. You can also track your top-ups in real time through the BOSS Revolution app.

Recharge Codes for MTN

MTN operates in various African countries, and each country has its own set of unique USSD codes for mobile services, including recharging airtime. That means there isn't a universal set of MTN USSD codes that work across all African countries. However, you can get your country-specific code by dialing the general code *123# or *156# to access menu options.

Here is an example of how to use recharge codes for Nigeria:

  • Standard Recharge (12-Digit PIN): Dial 555PIN#, for example, 555123456789012#.
  • New Recharge Code (10-Digit PIN): Dial 3551PIN#, useful for the recently introduced 10-digit recharge cards.
  • Direct Data Recharge: Dial 555Recharge PIN# to purchase data directly using the recharge card PIN.
  • 4X Bonus Code: Dial 888PIN# to receive four times the recharge value as bonus airtime.
  • Old Recharge Code: For cards with 12, 16, or 17-digit PINs, use 555Recharge PIN#.
  • Bank Recharge Code: Use *904# to buy airtime directly through your bank.
  • Borrowing Airtime (MTN XtraTime): Dial *606# or 606amount#; eligibility depends on the user's recharge history and account status.

How long does the MTN top-up last?

The validity of your top-up will vary depending on the bundle you get. Some last up to 90 days, while others expire after 24 hours. You should check the expiration or validity before purchasing.

How do I check an MTN balance?

The specific code to check an MTN balance varies by country, as MTN provides distinct codes for each region it operates.

However, in many MTN-operated regions, a common format for checking airtime balance is to dial *124# or *556#. These are frequently used across several MTN networks in Africa.

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