ADVISORY - Be Alert and Avoid Scammers using the BOSS Revolution® and BOSS Money® names and logos  

Release date: Nov-1-22

We have received an increase in customer reports that fraudsters are using the BOSS Revolution and BOSS Money names and logos promising big prizes to people who receive official-looking emails, texts or Whatsapp messages.  As with all scams, these fraudulent messages are trying to lure consumers into believing that they have won a big “prize”.  These are in NO way connected to, or associated with IDT, BOSS Revolution or BOSS Money despite using our names and/or logos.

Recent fraud activities include Whatsapp and email messages to random phone numbers worldwide promising cash and other prizes, such as cars  - see the sample images below claiming to represent BOSS Revolution and BOSS Money brands. 

Although messages can seem very convincing with the use of our name/logo, they are scams trying to steal your money and do NOT represent the BOSS Revolution or BOSS Money brands.

Occasionally, IDT operates promotions under our BOSS Revolution and BOSS Money brands for our customers. However these promotions are communicated via our Official website, emails and social media pages ONLY.  

Officials strongly warn people not to respond as the scammers simply want to steal your money or personal information. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any website, email, text or Whatsapp message using the BOSS Revolution or BOSS Money name and logo, please contact us at: 


Social Media Channels:

Facebook -

Twitter -


See examples:

Flyers asking the winners to contact them and Whatsapp message congratulating the winner, using the BOSS Revolution logo in their profile picture

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