Boss Money
Refer-A-Friend Program
Terms and Conditions
Effective September 1, 2023

SUMMARY. The BOSS Money refer-a-friend program (the “Program”) offers users of the BOSS Money App (the “App”) the ability to earn an electronic VISA gift card (a “Reward”) under the following circumstances. If (1) an existing BOSS Money customer (the “Inviter”) uses the App to refer a person who has not used the BOSS Money or BOSS Revolution money transfer service (the “Service”) to make a transfer with the App (the “Friend”), (2) the Friend either accepts and clicks on the specific invitation sent by the Inviter to download and activate the App or enters the Inviter’s referral code in the App when creating their account, and (3) either (i) makes a transfer of $100 or more with the App within 60 days of the invitation or (ii) makes an international mobile recharge of $5 or more with the App within 60 days of activation (each a “Qualifying Transaction”), then subject to these rules, the Inviter will either receive a $25 Reward for a sub-section 3(i) Qualifying Transaction or a $10 Reward for a sub-section 3(ii) Qualifying Transaction. The applicable Reward will be sent electronically to the email address on file for the Inviter.

CONDITIONS. The Inviter and the Friend must meet the conditions listed above in order for the Inviter to be eligible to receive a Reward. In addition, in order to receive a Reward the Inviter must continue to be a registered BOSS Money customer in good standing. There is no limit on the number of invitations that an Inviter can send under the Program subject to the Rules. Any existing BOSS Money customer may send an invitation to a Friend. If multiple customers send an invitation to the same Friend, then the Inviter will be deemed to be the sender of the first invitation the Friend accepted. Existing BOSS Money or BOSS Revolution money transfer customers who have made a transfer either with the App or online cannot be referred under this Program. Each person who receives a Reward is responsible for any and all applicable taxes regarding that Reward.

QUALIFYING TRANSACTIONS. Condition 3 listed above in the Summary section requires the Friend to make a Qualifying Transaction with the App. A Reward will not be granted for any Qualifying Transaction that is cancelled, voided, unpaid or subject to a credit card chargeback.

REWARD. The Inviter may only receive one Reward per Friend. Each gift card is subject to terms set forth by the card’s issuer.

GENERAL. The Program and any Reward awarded are subject to these terms and conditions, as well as the each product’s terms of use contained in the App and at (collectively, the “Rules”). IDT Payment Services, Inc. and IDT Payment Services of New York LLC (collectively “IDT Payment”) reserve the right to change the Program, the Rules, and/or terminate the Program, at any time without prior notice. These Program terms and conditions will be posted in the App. IDT Payment reserves the right to terminate a customer’s right to participate in the Program at any time if the customer violates the Rules or otherwise tampers or interferes with the Program or any other BOSS Money or BOSS Revolution customer. All decisions of IDT Payment regarding the Program and the Rules are final and binding on all Program participants.