Western Union vs. MoneyGram: which is the best?

Transfer money

Sending money to your loved ones via wire transfer shouldn't be a problem. However, choosing a money-transfer provider for international transfers can be tricky. This is because there are various options available with distinctive fees and features.

MoneyGram (MG) and Western Union (WU) are the biggest money-transfer providers worldwide, offering multiple channels to transfer money hassle-free.

This article will compare two well-known international money-transfer brands – MoneyGram and Western Union – and provide a detailed sketch of their offerings on various grounds.

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How much money can I send?

Both Western Union and MoneyGram have a strong presence in more than 200 countries, meaning you can easily send money all across the world.

Transfer limits are the maximum amounts customers can send through their money transactions. When comparing these two giants for transaction limits, much depends on the countries you're transferring to.

International money Transfers Limits


Transfer limits

Methods of payment

Western Union

Up to $3,0001 without additional ID verification

Up to $50,0001 upon verification

Credit or debit card, cash, and bank account


Up to $10,0002 every 30 calendar days for most countries

Credit or debit card, cash, and bank account

The table shows that Western Union has the upper hand with its higher transfer limits over MoneyGram.

What about Boss Revolution?

This money transfer provider allows customers to wire money from $10 to $2,999 using the app and around $10,000 in the retail store to chosen countries. The limit is still based on the receiver's country and delivery method.

Domestic money transfers limits


Transfer limits

Methods of payment

Western Union

Up to $5,000

Credit or debit card, cash, and bank account


Up to $10,000

Creditn or debit card, cash, and bank account

On the domestic front, the clear winner is MoneyGram, which offers customers to transfer up to $10,000, unlike Western Union, which allows only $5,000.

Exchange rates & fees

To compare MoneyGram and Western Union fees and exchange rates, what better and more effective way than testing them out.

Which is cheaper, Western Union or MoneyGram?

Service provider Western Union MoneyGram
Countries America to Mexico America to Mexico
Transaction amount $500 $500
Exchange rate $1 = 20.322 MXM $1 = 20.48 MXN
Fees $2.99 for debit card
$1.99 for bank account transfer
$4.99 for Cash pickup
$17.49 for credit card

$1.99 for debit card
$0 for bank account transfer
$3.99 for cash pickup
$20.49 for credit card

Payout 10,162 MXN 10244 MXN

We performed an online test between these two giants and sent $500 from America to Mexico through bank-to-bank transfer.

Although the fees and exchange rate between MoneyGram and Western Union varies significantly based on various factors, the above table clearly shows that MoneyGram takes a slight edge over Western Union.

You can also use Boss Revolution which offers better exchange rates and lower fees than most competitors. With as low as $1.99 fees for debit cards and excellent exchange rates, your friends and family members will get more money with every transfer.

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How much do WU, MG and BR charge to send $300 to Mexico



Western Union

Boss Revolution

Fees and payment options

$13.493 credit card to bank

$1.993 debit card to Bancomer

$12.494 from credit card to a bank account

$16,494 from credit card for cash pick up

$2.994 from debit card to a bank account

$6.994 from debit card for cash pick up

$1.994 from bank account to another bank account

$4.994 from bank account for cash pick up

$84 in-store to cash pickups/bank

$2.49 in-store or debit card

Exchange rate


19.954 (bank deposit)


How much do WU, MG and BR charge to send $1000 to Mexico




Western Union


Boss Revolution


Fees and payment options

$32.993 credit card to bank

$1.993 debit card to Bancomer

$84 in-store to cash pickups/bank

$10.9 (credit card) $1.99-$2.49 in-store or debit card

Exchange rate


19.954 (bank deposit)


What documents are needed?

To comply with state and federal regulations, your money-transfer provider may ask to provide some documents to finish the order.

So, what documents are essential to perform international money transfers?

Western Union

To send funds from an agent's location in America, you need to be present in person and have the following documents5:

  • Your valid and original government-issued ID
  • Your occupation
  • The recipient's name and address (if applicable)
  • Transaction purpose and your relationship with the recipient
  • If transferring funds to the bank account, the recipient's bank account details     


Finding a nearby MoneyGram location is easy and convenient as there are dozens of agents within proximity. Make sure to locate one and have the following documents6:

  • Your valid ID, where applicable
  • The receiver's information such as full name, address, etc.
  • Funds you wish to transfer along with fees
  • If transferring to a bank account, make sure to have the receiver's account number and bank name
  • If transferring to a mobile wallet, ensure to have the receiver's cell number with an international dial-code


Both MoneyGram and Western Union are established international money-transfer providers with a successful, long history.

They're fully licensed and regulated in countries they function to keep clients safe. When sending international transfers, you'll note each service has effective in-place measures, from ID/account verification to ensuring funds are received by the recipient with ID proof and transfer details.

Security is vital primarily because scam artists and fraudsters often hit money transfer providers such as MoneyGram and Western Union worldwide. This is because spot cash can be collected easily and quickly and are extremely hard to retrieve or trace.

Nevertheless, here's how MoneyGram and Western Union ensures your bank account details or banking information when making an international transfer:

Western Union

Western Union employs procedures and policies such as money transfer control number (MTCN) and photo identification to help ensure funds are delivered to the correct person.

In addition, it educates its customers and agents on ways to keep themselves safe from scams and other kinds of fraud.


MoneyGram takes the safety of your cash, identity, and other confidential information seriously, just like WU.

It prioritizes protecting your bank account when making a transfer. Many customers worldwide rely on MG due to its secure transfers.

Here are a few safeguards it takes:

  • Fully licensed and established
  • Provides tracking — customers can track their transfers online easily just by entering reference numbers and last names
  • Accountable — it's listed on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)
  • Offers secure connection

Although MoneyGram and Western Union take necessary measures to protect clients from such issues, you must be extra cautious when performing international transfers.

Western Union vs. MoneyGram: locations near me

So, who has more agent locations Western Union or MoneyGram?

Let's find out:

In terms of coverage of worldwide currencies and countries, both MoneyGram and Western Union reign supreme with locations spanning various countries.

How many agent locations does Western Union have globally?

With over half a million agent locations in over 200 countries, Western Union (WU) ranks among the largest international money transfer services.

It operates worldwide, so customers can utilize its services hassle-free to send funds from one country to another.

You can employ online bank transfers for countries like the UK, US, etc.; however, some countries, such as Mexico, run through agents nationwide.

Western Union allows you to send funds to any location in the world easily.

How many agent locations does MoneyGram have globally?

MoneyGram, like Western-Union, serves a significant number of countries worldwide. It has approximately 350000 agent locations across the world in over 200 territories and countries.

MoneyGram allows customers to send cash using its online platform. In addition, you can walk into their agent location or office to perform an in-person transfer.

Although both MoneyGram and Western Union allow users to send funds to various countries, the support is better and more robust with Western Union.

Looking for a smart, third alternative? Choose Boss Revolution!

Boss Revolution supports money transfers worldwide. With more than 320,000 agent locations in over 50 countries, it makes international money transfers and cash pickups hassle-free and convenient. With Boss Revolution, transfers take a few minutes to process.

The working hours may vary from store to store. It's best to contact your local agent store for closing and opening timings.

How fast money transfers are delivered?

We know MoneyGram, Western Union, and Boss Revolution offer quick transfers, but which money transfer provider is faster among the three?

How fast ss Western Union?

Money transaction speed with WU is based on the service used for the transfer:

  • Bank transactions typically take 2 to 5 business days7
  • Transactions to mobile-wallet are available within a few minutes
  • Cash pickup is also delivered in minutes at the agent's office or location
  • Bill payment transfer processing is based on the merchant or biller's speed

How fast is MoneyGram?

  • MoneyGram provides pretty much the same delivery times:
  • Bank transactions may take a few minutes or a complete day8     
  • Cash pickup available within a few minutes at the agent's location     

How fast is Boss Revolution?

Sending and receiving cash worldwide only takes a few minutes with Boss Revolution. Your money will be delivered in minutes or the next day based on the payment method you choose, such as bank deposit, mobile wallet, and cash pickup are typically available within minutes of processing.

However, if you have opted for home delivery, your cash will be available within 24 hours based on your transaction. Luckily, over 80% of transactions are paid to customers on a similar day. 

Note: Access to international money transfers may be limited, unavailable, or delayed during certain periods or/and depending on certain transfer conditions. Additional restrictions may apply. See Terms or Agent for details.

Coupons & promo codes

MoneyGram, Western Union, and Boss Revolution offer customers amazing promotions and coupons. These offers are sometimes seasonal, such as New Year's Eve or Christmas, or ongoing throughout the year.

Here are the two most common offers among money transfer services:

'Refer a friend' programs

Whether it's MoneyGram, Western Union, or Boss Revolution, all offer a "refer a friend" program:

  • Western Union: Under this program, you can get rewards whenever you invite someone to send cash with WU via their app or website. You must share a referral link through email or social profiles to partake. The referee should make an account with WU and accept T&Rs. Afterward, the referee has to perform a money transfer of $100 minimum. Both you and each friend you refer will get a $20 Amazon gift card.
  • MoneyGram: The referral program is called the "Invite Friend" program. It provides discounts to referrers as well as eligible friends and family members who become online customers (referees). After your friend makes the first transfer you both can earn zero-fee transfers9.
  • Boss Revolution: The referral program of Boss Revolution provides existing members with a $5 reward for every friend/family member they refer.

Registration bonus

A registration bonus is a unique way to attract new customers, and almost all money transfer services provide it.

Western Union cares about you whether you're an existing or new customer. This is why they offer their customers amazing offers such as a registration bonus. You'll get a $20 Amazon gift card on registering with Western Union.

On the other hand, both MoneyGram and Boss Revolution offer new customers free first money transfers.

Which mobile app is the best?

Is MoneyGram the same thing as Western Union when it comes to a mobile app?

Let's find out:

MoneyGram app

Available on iOS and Android, the MoneyGram mobile app allows customers to send funds, estimate fees, locate agent locations (for future transfers), monitor past transactions, and manage the account.

This money transfer app has a 4.6-star rating on Google Play while 4.9-star on Apple Store. Customers worldwide love the app for its excellent reach and prompt money transfers.


  1. Several access points
  2. Lower money transfer fees
  3. Wide agent network
  4. Quick transfers
  5. Payout flexibility


  1. Lower threshold
  2. Lower exchange rate
  3. It costs more than most competitors

Western Union app

Western Union mobile app is an excellent money transfer app available on Google Android and Apple iOS. Thanks to the app, you can smoothly send cash to around 500000 agent locations/offices or one-billion bank accounts across the world, irrespective of time or place.

It's highly convenient and gives an amazing user experience. It's rated 4.8 on the App store and 4.5 on Google Play.

Customers can scan debit cards or credit cards using a phone camera. In addition, users can set up their money transfers on the Western Union app; however, they have to finish the setup by paying the amount at any nearby location.

Moreover, you can monitor previous transfers, estimate fees, or seek a nearby location with the app's help. It provides one-touch fingerprint sign-in details that enable excellent security and quick transfers.



  • Easy-to-use menu
  • User-friendly interface
  • It saves money and time
  • Convenient and reliable
  • Sends cash to over 200 countries


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lower daily transfers

Customer service

Want to know how good a money transfer provider is? Look for the customer service options and reviews.

Let's delve into knowing more about MoneyGram's and Western Union's customer service by looking at their customer services and customer reviews:


When it comes to customer service, MoneyGram features a few options like FAQs, a toll-free customer service number, and a form. The live chat is only accessible when making an international transfer.

The money transfer provider fares positive reviews and testimonials from its worldwide customer base. Here's how MoneyGram is rated on various platforms:

  • Google Play: With 1M+ downloads and over 69000 reviews, the app has a strong 4.6-star rating
  • App Store: The "MoneyGram Money Transfers App" is rated with a 4.9-star rating, with over 300000 reviews
  • Trustpilot: MoneyGram International has over 23573 reviews with an excellent rating of 4.3

Besides positive reviews on different platforms, MoneyGram is also lauded for its affordability, convenience, good customer support, and quick transfer times.

Western Union

If you're unsatisfied with the online transfer, Western Union provides customers with various options to connect, such as filling out a form, a toll-free customer support phone number, and an email.

Unlike MoneyGram, which largely has good reviews, Western Union has a mixed bag of reviews on different platforms.

  • Google Play: With 10M+ downloads and more than 241000 reviews, the app is rated 4.5
  • App Store: The "Western Union: Send Cash Now" app is rated with a 4.8-star rating, with over 513000 reviews
  • Trustpilot: Western Union has over 29558 reviews with a "great" rating of 3.9

Apart from mixed reviews on Trustpilot, it's mostly lauded for its convenience, decent customer support, and wide reach.

Overall, MoneyGram takes the edge with its slightly better reviews over Western Union. However, it's worth mentioning that MoneyGram has considerably fewer user reviews than Western Union.

Still confused about which service to use to make an international transfer? If so, check Boss Revolution! With over 2600 reviews on Trustpilot, it has an "excellent" rating of 4.3.

Moreover, the "Boss Money" app by BOSS Revolution on App Store has a 4.8-star rating10 with more than 31000 user reviews and a 4.6-star rating11 on Google Play.

Canceling a wire transfer

Here's how to cancel a wire transfer on Western Union, MoneyGram, and Boss Revolution:

Western Union

Customers can easily cancel their money transfers if they're not deposited or picked up.

To cancel mobile app or WC.com initiated transfers:

  • Login to your profile
  • Go to "recent money transfers" activity
  • Choose a money transfer you wish to revoke and select "show details"
  • If the transfer is qualified for cancelation, you'll view a "Cancel Transfer" link
  • Please open it and tail the instructions to the T
  • Contact customer support if the transfer isn't deposited or picked up and you don't see a link     

To revoke in-person money transfers

  • Visit the agent's location you used to make a money transfer
  • Make sure to take your ID
  • Or, contact customer support to rescind the transfer     


There are several ways customers can use to revoke money transfers. For instance, if you performed a transfer online, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your MoneyGram profile
  • Locate the transfer in your transfer history
  • On the "Transfer Details" page, you'll see a cancel option

If you revoke the transfer via phone or online, the provider will transfer the funds to the issuer within ten business days; however, it may take longer for the cash to show up on your bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Note: money transfers can't be refunded or canceled if the recipient has collected cash.

Boss Revolution

Forget your wire transfer cancellation troubles with the "Boss Revolution Money Transfer" service. This money transfer app is a secure and fast way to perform transactions wherever, whenever.

The good part is they offer a total refund if you have errors or wish to cancel the transfer. Unlike most other money transfer services, Boss Revolution helps you manage funds at your fingertips.

Wrapping up

Which is a better solution for money transfers: Money Gram or Western Union? Which one should you opt for if you need to receive or send money internationally? 

Although both companies provide excellent and secure money transfer services, Western Union takes the edge over Money Gram due to competitive prices, more locations worldwide, and ease of use. Plus, its service ranks higher when it comes to user experience and customer satisfaction. 

While WU is better than MG in many aspects, don't forget to find solutions that may provide better service for your particular needs, such as Boss Revolution.

It allows customers to receive and send cash worldwide at over 320000 locations across 50 countries and territories. Unlike most other service providers, Boss Revolution processes international transfers within minutes, making sending/receiving money convenient and hassle-free. 

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