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Living far away from your friends and loved ones means you might have to connect with them frequently. Being located in the UK while your loved ones are in Pakistan also means you would need a cost-effective method for making calls to Pakistan from the UK.

Undoubtedly, you must have pondered how to call Pakistan from the UK without breaking the bank. The challenge lies in identifying a trustworthy and dependable service. 

With the vast growth in technology, numerous calling options like calling cards, Voice over IP (VOIP), and mobile applications are available finding the best option that allows you to call Pakistan from the UK and fits your needs and budget might be a problem.

However, don't let the challenges of discovering the best calling options and plans hinder you from connecting with your loved ones in Pakistan. There are dependable and cost-effective alternatives available for making calls to Pakistan from the UK.

Calling Plans for Pakistan

Calling plans are prepaid or subscription-based services offered by telecommunications providers that allow users to make phone calls at specified rates or under specific terms. These calling plans will allow you to choose the best calling options to call Pakistan from the UK at the cheapest rate while offering reliability:

  Regular monthly rates (£) Features Terms
BOSS Revolution


333 minutes to call both cellular and landlines Download and install the BOSS Revolution App on your phone. You get a $2 calling bonus, after which you can buy a calling plan.
Now Mobile1 15 330 minutes & SMS to Pakistan You can order a free SIM online, activate it, and choose an international calling plan to Pakistan. 
Rebtel2 10 250 minutes of talk time Rebtel provides  international calling services and guarantees clear connections at competitive rates. It requires downloading the app.

Calling cards

Calling cards are prepaid or subscription-based telecommunications services that provide users with a convenient way to make phone calls. Users purchase these cards, which typically have a specified amount of credit, and they can use them to make calls until the credit is exhausted. Choosing the best calling cards depends on the quality of calls you seek and your budget.

Calling cards are easy to use, and most people calling Pakistan from the United Kingdom prefer it over other calling options. To use a calling card, dial the stated number, enter the code as seen on the card, and then dial the Pakistan number. Each calling card provides a comprehensive usage guide, making it a convenient option for individuals looking to connect with their loved ones in Pakistan or other countries. 

If you don’t have access to the internet or just want ascertain how much you will spend, consider using BOSS Revolution calling cards. With BOSS Revolution calling cards, you can easily connect with your loved ones in Pakistan.

Below are the steps you should take to use the calling card:

Step 1. Register on the site

Step 2. Add credits to your calling account

Step 3. Use access numbers to dial phone numbers from your mobile or landline

What is the country code of Pakistan?

+92 is the given country calling code for Pakistan, as decided by the Pakistan International Communication Union. Keep the calling code in mind to avoid errors when placing calls from the UK to Pakistan. You should only use the following local area codes when calling landline numbers.

Local area calling codes

Here are the major local area codes to note when calling Pakistan from the UK:

Area Code Area Code Area Code
Abbottabad 992 Jhelum 544 Okara 44
Bahawalnagar 63 Kharat 844 Pakpattan 457
Bahawalpur 62 Karachi 21 Peshawar 91
Burewala 67 Kasur 49 Quetta 81
Chitral 943 Khairpur 243 Rahim Yar Khan 68
Dera Ghazi Khan 64 Khanewal 65 Ranjapur 604
Faisalabad 41 Khanpur 68 Rawalpindi 51
Gorja 46 Kohat 922 Sadiqabad 68
Gujranwala 55 Lahore 42 Sahiwal 40
Gujarat 53 Larkana 74 Sargodha 48
Hafizabad 547 Mardan 937 Sheikhupura 56
Hyderabad 22 Mirpur Khas 233 Shikarpur 726
Islamabad 51 Multan 61 Sialkot 52
Jacobabad 722 Muzaffargarh 66 Sukkur 71
Jhang 47 Nawabshah 244 Toba Tek Singh 46

How to dial Pakistan from the UK?

There are different ways in which you can connect with your friends and loved ones in Pakistan from the UK. All you have to do is follow some simple instructions.

To call Pakistan from the UK, follow the steps below.

  • Dial 011, the exit code for the UK

  • After that, dial 92, which is Pakistan's country code

  • Then, dial the 2-to-4-digit long area code. This step should be carried out if you are dialling from a fixed line. Otherwise, skip this step

  • Dial the local number and press the call button

Now that you know the country code for Pakistan, always include +92 when saving the contacts of your loved ones in Pakistan. Also, you should include the area code if you are calling a fixed line.

Calling Pakistan from the UK cell phone

Use this format when calling Pakistan via mobile:

  • 00 - UK exit code

  • 92 - Pakistan country code

  • 10-digit local phone number

Here's an example if you're dialling a Pakistan mobile number:
00 92 302 1234567 (10-digit mobile number)

Calling Pakistan from landlines

Use this format when calling Pakistan:

  • 00 - UK exit code

  • 92 - Pakistan country code

  • Area code if calling a Pakistan landline

  • 10-digit local phone number

Here's an example if you're dialling a Rawalpindi Landline:
00 92 51 01234567

Calling Pakistan for free

Do you want to call Pakistan without spending a dime? Well, making free calls can only be done by using the internet. Several internet calling applications allow you to call anyone worldwide using their application. Most are free, while some offer a free trial period and require a subscription for continued usage. 

However, using free internet calling apps can come with challenges, including reliability concerns, potential security risks, limited features, ad interruptions, compatibility issues, lack of customer support, and call duration restrictions. While these apps offer a cost-effective solution, you should be mindful of these drawbacks and assess their impact on communication needs before relying on them exclusively.

Two of the most notable and secure applications you can use for free to make calls are:

BOSS Revolution

Boss Revolution is a standard and free international calling software for Android and iPhone. The application has exciting features and provides an affordable and reliable calling service.

You can get your family and loved ones to download and install the BOSS Revolution mobile application if they use a smartphone so that you can call them for free.

The BOSS Revolution application allows you to set up your favourite contacts and make free calls to them anywhere in the world. You can make calls using your mobile data or any available Wi-Fi connection.

BOSS Revolution also provides VoIP calls to Pakistan's landline and mobile numbers, along with a £2 credit bonus for new account creations. You can make these direct calls by purchasing their affordable pay-as-you-go credits.


WhatsApp serves as an excellent internet calling application, enabling free calls to anyone, regardless of their location. It offers end-to-end encryption and is available for various mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, as well as for desktop computers.

To use WhatsApp, you must download and install the application on your smartphone and create an account using your mobile number.

How to dial toll-free numbers in Pakistan from the UK

Want to ring up a toll-free service or business number in Pakistan from the UK? Here is the easy process:

  • Dial 00 - The exit code for international calls from the UK

  • Enter 92 - Pakistan's country code

  • Dial the 10-digit toll-free number for the business or service

Just keep in mind that some Pakistan toll-free numbers are only accessible from within the country. Before calling, verify that the specific hotline or helpline accepts international calls.

Tips to make calls to Pakistan from the UK

Here are a few tips to make calls to Pakistan from the UK easier:

  • Consider a stable internet connection for better call quality. Consider using a reliable Wi-Fi network or a good mobile data connection.

  • Be mindful of time zone differences when scheduling calls. Check the current time in Pakistan to avoid inconveniencing the person you're calling.

  • Familiarize yourself with the cultural norms and greetings in Pakistan. Showing awareness and respect for cultural practices can enhance the communication experience

Wrapping up

There are various ways of making calls to Pakistan from the UK, but it is now left for you to choose which option you prefer. Always go for an option that suits you and is less expensive.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of January 30, 2024



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