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Understanding how to call Nigeria from the UK in today’s connected world is essential for personal and business purposes. This guide makes the process easy because it shares information regarding numerous methods used, such as calling codes, low-cost options and free ones. We strive to ensure that your calls from the UK to Nigeria are easier and less costly using the newest technologies for a good experience.

Calling plans for Nigeria - compare providers

For people wondering how to call Nigeria from the UK, there are several ways depending on the cost implication of each option. Comparing these is also vital in determining the best option on how to call Nigeria. Comparing special calling plans provided by various companies is essential to determine the most appropriate and economical option that suits your requirements. 

Comparison table:
Here, beneath is the table with a comparison of different mobile providers and their plans, including mobile applications like BOSS Revolution, which will be especially valuable for all who wish to get details on how to call Nigeria from the UK. 

Provider Pay as you go Regular monthly rate Features Terms
BOSS Revolution - special calling plan 9.8p/min £9.99 - Unlimited Unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in countries including India, USA, Colombia, and many more Download the BOSS Revolution App to buy a calling plan; no subscription fees; credit is added as needed
EE1 £1.50/m £13.03 - 500 minutes 500 minutes you can use in 50 countries  
Vodafone2 £3 p/m £11.40 - 500 min 500 minutes you can use in 100 countries Download My Vodafone app
O23 £1.50 /min £3 /min   Calling from the UK to a non-UK landline or mobile in any country.
Tesco Mobile4 £1 p/min £1 p/min   It costs £1 a minute to call, and 20p to text a mobile or fixed line, any time of the day.

Note: The data is current as of January 9, 2024. Rates may vary slightly due to policy changes and exchange rate fluctuations.

What is the country code of Nigeria?

A key step in understanding how to call Nigeria from the UK is using the correct codes. The country code for Nigeria is (+234)

Local area calling codes

When placing a call to Nigeria from the UK add the country code (+234). Then, enter the local area code and local number without the leading zero. This procedure guarantees that your call is properly diverted to the concerned party in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the local area codes differ according to location or region. Here’s a breakdown of local area codes to further assist you in how to call Nigeria.

City Area code City Area code
Aba 82 Kano 64
Abeokuta 39 Katsina 65
Abuja 9 Lagos 1
Ado-Ekiti 30 Maiduguri 76
Akure 34 Minna 66
Bauchi 77 Ogoja 45
Benin 52 Okitipupa 59
Calabar 87 Ondo 34
Enugu 42 Onitsha 46
Gombe 72 Oshogbo 35
Ibadan 2 Owo 51
IIkare 50 Oyo 38
Ikeja 1 Port Harcourt 84
Ile-Ife 63 Shagamu 37
Iljebu-Ode 37 Sokoto 60
Ilorin 31 Umuahia 88
Jalingo 79 Uyo 85
Jos 73 Warri 53
Kaduna 62 Zaria 69
Remember to use the country code (+234) when calling Nigeria from the UK.

How to dial Nigeria from the UK?

For details about how to call Nigeria from the United Kingdom through the BOSS Revolution App, local access number, or directly using a UK mobile phone, follow the instructions below.

Calling Nigeria from the BOSS Revolution app

To call from your contacts, you need to ensure the phone number is in the correct dialling format.

Go to your address book and check that the phone number you wish to call is in the correct format.

For calls to Nigeria:

+ (plus sign) + 234 + City Code + Local Number

To make international calls from the Dialpad:

Press the + button to add a plus sign. This will allow the network to recognise that you are making an international call.

Dial 234 + City Code + Local Number

Calling with a local access number

Dial the access number for the language you prefer:

  • Local Access Cantonese 0-330-777-1229

  • Local Access English 0-330-777-1222

  • Local Access Mandarin 0-330-777-1228

  • Local Access Polish 0-330-777-1223

  • Local Access Portuguese 0-330-777-1221

  • Local Access Romanian 0-330-777-1224

  • Local Access Spanish 0-330-777-1220

  • Local Access Tagalog 0-330-777-1225

  • National Access 0-845-613-0036

  • Toll-Free Access English 0-800-014-7837

  • Toll-Free Access Spanish 0-800-652-7861

When prompted, dial the number you wish to call.

For calling Nigeria from the United Kingdom:

Dial 011 + 234 + City Code + Local Number

Calling Nigeria from a UK cell phone

When using a UK cell phone, dial the international access code (+), followed by the Nigeria country code (234), and then the local number. For example, to call Lagos, dial +234 1 XXXX XXXX.

Calling Nigeria from landlines

For landlines, the procedure is also very much similar. The process begins with the international access code (00 for the UK), then Nigeria’s country code, 234, and finally local number.

Calling Nigeria for free

For those who have internet, free internet calling applications are an alternative. Services such as BOSS Revolution offer solutions for how to call Nigeria for free if both parties have the application installed. Keep in mind possible challenges, such as the failure of internet connectivity and call quality, when using these tools.

These apps include the following:

BOSS Revolution app

International calling is one of the purposes for which this app can be used; unlimited plans, international and domestic mobile top up as well as money transfers are supported too.

We constantly work on improving the performance and adding new functionalities to our app; make sure you have it installed on your phone & enjoy all that BOSS Revolution has to offer. You’ll save even more on reduced international rates and exclusive offers only for app users!

How to dial toll-free numbers in Nigeria from the UK?

There is no information on the BOSS Revolution website with regard to this.

Tips to make calls to Nigeria from the UK

To ensure a smooth and cost-effective calling experience, consider these tips:

  • Pay attention to time zone differences while planning your calls.

  • Get acquainted with the connection processes involving both mobile phones as well as landlines.

  • If you need to make international calls every month, then subscribe to a monthly calling plan.

  • Use VoIP services to minimise the costs of business calls.

  • Be punctual and polite while conducting business.

Wrapping up

With this guide, learning how to call Nigeria, and specifically how to call Nigeria from the UK, becomes straightforward and cost-effective. It can be quite easy and cost-convenient with helpful tips and resources. Comparing the monthly minute endowments, making sense of local codes and opting for free calls with Internet packages make staying connected with Nigeria more accessible than ever.

Sources: all third party information obtained from applicable website as of January 30, 2024


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