BOSS Revolution
Reasonable Use Policy

IDT offers the Boss Revolution Pinless Service via Unlimited Plans (each a “Plan”), which allow the consumer to pay a flat fee to place an unlimited number of calls with the service to any destination included in a Plan during the Plan time period. Consumers can purchase a 24 hour, 7 day or 30 day Plan (as available). Each purchased Plan starts at the time the purchase is recorded by IDT and ends at the same hour either 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days later (as applicable). Each initial purchase and renewal of a Plan requires payment of the Plan’s fee plus any applicable taxes and charges. See or ask your authorized retailer for a Plan’s purchase price.

Plans are only available to consumers who have created a Pinless Account and can’t be shared by multiple users. Toll free access is not available with a Plan.

Each Plan includes one or more calling destinations. Available destinations may include whole countries or only certain areas or cities within countries, and may also be limited by carrier and/or type of phone (landline or mobile) in the destination. IDT reserves the right to add or remove a destination, carrier or phone type from a Plan at any time. Consumers who call a removed destination and have auto-renewal will receive notice that the destination is no longer included in the Plan and will have their auto-renewal setting shut off. See or ask your authorized retailer for a complete list of in-Plan destinations.

IDT reserves the right to add or discontinue a Plan at any time. A consumer’s ability to use a discontinued Plan will expire on the customer’s nearest expiration date. Renewal and auto-renew are not available for discontinued Plans or Plans where the available destinations have changed.

Plans must be purchased individually and separately by the consumer and the consumer may not use the balance in his/her pay-as-you-go Pinless Account to fund the purchase or renewal of any Plan. Available methods of funding a Plan include cash, credit card and ACH (if and when available). Auto-renewal is available for 7-day and 30-day Plans. Charges for auto-renewal will be made 24-48 hours prior to expiration of the Plan.

A Plan’s fee covers only calls to in-Plan destinations, carriers and phone types. Any call to a destination, carrier or phone type not included in the Plan, or calls made by other telephone numbers registered to your Pinless Account, will be funded from the consumer’s pay-as-you-go Pinless Account. If your Pinless Account does not have sufficient balance, then a call to a destination, carrier or phone type not included in the Plan will be blocked.

Plan fees are refundable up to three days after purchase if there was no usage. Plan fees for unused Plans that are renewed are not refundable. A consumer’s use of the Boss Revolution Pinless Service with a Plan is subject to IDT’s Reasonable Use Policy.