Call Me

Receive unlimited calls from your home country to your U.S. phone. You pay one flat rate and your friends and family will be able to call you as if you were still back home.


Flat monthly rate

For one low rate, you'll receive a local phone number from your home country that will be forwarded to your U.S. phone, and your loved ones will be able to call you at a local call rate.

Unlimited calls

Receive unlimited calls from your home country to your phone here, so it's simple and affordable for your loved ones to call as much as they'd like.

No contract

Your local phone number will be valid for 30 days. If you wish to keep the same local number, simply renew your Call Me plan before the plan expiration date.

To Get Started, Select a Country and City:

16 Countries / 94 Destinations

  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires
    • Cordoba
    • Rosario
    • Mendoza
  • Brazil
    • Sao Paulo
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Salvador
    • Brasilia
  • Canada
    • Calgary
    • Edmonton
    • Montreal
    • Ottawa
    • Quebec City
    • Toronto
    • Vancouver
  • Chile
    • Santiago
    • Valparaiso
    • Concepcion
  • Colombia
    • Bogota
    • Buenaventura
    • Buga
    • Cartago
    • Palmira
  • Dominican Republic
    • La Romana
    • La Vega
    • Moca
    • San Cristobal
    • San Pedro de Macoris
    • Santiago
    • Santo Domingo
  • El Salvador
    • San Salvador
  • Great Britain (UK)
    • Birmingham
    • Bradford
    • Leeds
    • Liverpool
    • London
    • Manchester
  • Israel
    • Jerusalem
    • Tel Aviv
    • Haifa
  • Mexico
    • Acapulco
    • Aguascalientes
    • Cancun
    • Ciudad Victoria
    • Celaya
    • Chihuahua
    • Cordoba
    • Cuernavaca
    • Culiacan
    • Durango
    • Guadalajara
    • Guaymas
    • Hermosillo
    • Irapuato
    • Jalapa
    • Juarez
    • Leon
    • Matamoros
    • Mazatlan
    • Merida
    • Mexicali
    • Mexico City
    • Monterrey
    • Morelia
    • Nogales
    • Nuevo Laredo
    • Orizaba
    • Pachuca de Soto
    • Puebla
    • Queretaro
    • Reynosa
    • Saltillo
    • San Luis Potosi
    • Tepic
    • Tijuana
    • Toluca
    • Torreon
    • Veracruz
    • Zacatecas
  • Nigeria
    • Lagos
  • Panama
    • David
    • Panama City
  • Peru
    • Lima
  • Poland
    • Krakow
    • Lodz
    • Posnan
    • Warsaw
    • Wroclaw
  • Spain
    • Barcelona
    • Madrid
    • Seville
    • Valencia
    • Zaragoza
  • Thailand
    • National

How It Works

Select a country and city

Choose your Home Country and City (e.g., Mexico and Monterrey)

Select the U.S. phone number

Select the US number that will receive calls from your home country

Share your Call Me number

Share the local number with friends and family, and start receiving calls!

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CALL ME from IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc. ("IDT") is a service that allows U.S. consumers to obtain a dedicated virtual local phone number ("DVL Number") in certain countries and have calls made to that DVL Number automatically forwarded to a U.S. phone number. Service period: 30 days from payment of plan fee. Plan fee varies by country. Account must be renewed at participating Boss Revolution retailer during each 30 day service period for continued service. Additional plan fee required for each renewal. Once account expires, same DVL Number not guaranteed unless service reactivated within 14 days of expiration. Unlimited inbound calls to forwarding U.S. phone number. U.S. forwarding number can be changed 3 times each month (only two times in the first month). Account valid only for receiving calls in the US and its territories. Account and funds cannot be used for outbound calls. Residential personal use only. DVL Numbers subject to availability and offered in certain countries only. Users should check with local service provider in foreign country to verify cost of call to DVL Number. Purchase of CALL ME requires creation of a Boss Revolution pinless account. DVL Number on receipt and will also be sent by SMS. No credit for partial month. Account and funds are non-refundable. U.S. termination services provided by IDT. Int?l. telecommunication services provided by third party carriers. Account may be terminated without notice if service used in illegal, improper or abusive manner or in violation of any service term. For customer service dial 1-800-786-3037. Also subject to Boss Revolution Terms & Conditions, click here.