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Mariano is best known for his success with the New York Yankees during his 19-season baseball career, where he was the dominant closer in the game and helped the team win 5 World Series titles. During that time, he worked hard to go from an international free agent struggling in the minor leagues to having the top-ranked career Earned Run Average (ERA) in modern baseball history along with the record for most saves ever. Last year Mariano was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the first-ever unanimous vote and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Before moving to the United States to play with the Yankees, Mariano was raised by his mother and father with an older sister and two younger brothers outside of Panama City, in the poor fishing village of Puerto Caimito, Panama.  

Like so many BOSS Revolution customers, Mariano Rivera truly understands the challenges of moving to a new country in search of opportunity – from feeling isolated while learning to speak English to the uncertainty of success and loneliness created by being so many miles away from home and loved ones.  

Now, after years of trusting BOSS Revolution to call his family and send money home, Mariano is an official member of the BOSS Revolution team to help spread our message about the importance of helping families stay connected around the world.