Visa Virtual - FAQs

Is it a credit card?

No. What you load on the card is what you have available to spend. Unlike a credit card, you do not receive any bills - the amount of your purchase(s) is simply debited from the remaining balance on the Account.

Where can I use my Account?

Your Boss Revolution Visa Virtual Account can only be used online and for telephone and mail order purchases in the United Sates and the District of Columbia everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Do I need to register my Virtual Account number?

Online, telephone, and mail order merchants will attempt to match the ordering party's name and billing address to the Account number on file. Therefore, as part of the virtual account retrieval process, you must provide the name and address that will remain on file for your Virtual Account.

What happens if I want to make a purchase for an amount that is greater than the value that remains on the card?

You must know the amount on the Account. If the Account amount is less than the purchase price, you must find out if multiple payment transactions can be used for a single purchase. If so, follow the instructions the merchant gives you. If requested to enter "DEBIT" or "CREDIT", "CREDIT" should be chosen. Not all merchants accept split transactions.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM?

No. You will not receive a physical card. The Account can only be used for online, telephone or mail order purchases.

Can I get cash back?

No. The Account can only be used for online, telephone and mail order purchases.

Can I add more money to my Account?


How much value is left on my Account?

You can check your Account balance anytime, free of charge, at or by calling the Customer Service Center at 1-800-675-7984.

What happens if my Account does not have enough value to make a purchase?

If your Account does not have enough money in it to make a purchase, you need to check with the merchant and see if it will accept multiple payment types that aggregate to the required purchase amount. If the merchant only accepts one payment for a purchase you will need to contact the merchant and address this issue with them.

Why was my transaction declined?

If your transaction has been declined, you will need to check your available balance. If there is enough money in your Account to cover the transaction, the transaction could have been declined because the merchant had preauthorized the transaction in full (or partially) thereby using available funds for the preauthorization, prior to authorizing the final transaction. Your transaction can also be declined if the merchant is located outside the United States or the District of Columbia or because the merchant failed to transmit all required information when the transaction was sent to be processed. You will need to contact the merchant regarding these practices.

Does my Account expire?

Yes. The Account expiration date was sent to you. Your Account will expire eight (8) years from the date of creation.

What if value remains on the Account after it has expired?

While your Account will expire eight (8) years from the date of creation, the funds on your Account do not expire. You will not be able to use your Account after the expiration date; however, you may request a replacement Account number at no cost to you by calling customer service at 1-800-675-7984. The replacement Account will contain any remaining funds from your previous Account.

Does it cost me anything to use the Account?

No. There is no fee or surcharge for making purchases using your Account.

Are there any monthly service fees?

No monthly service fees are payable if the entire card balance is used during the first twelve (12) months from the time the Account is created. If funds remain on the Account after twelve (12) months of inactivity, a Monthly Maintenance Fee of $2.50 will be assessed. A purchase transaction with the Account will stop the inactivity fee from reoccurring for an additional 12 months. See the Accountholder Agreement for additional fees.

Can I dispute charges made to my Account?

You can dispute charges made to your Account with the merchant. If the merchant's response is not satisfactory, then you may file a dispute and we will attempt to resolve the matter on your behalf. If you want to dispute a charge within 60 days of the transaction, you will need to complete a dispute form and send it in to the address or fax number noted on the form within 60 days of the transaction date. Call customer service at 1-800-675-7984 if you wish to initiate a dispute.

This card is issued by Sunrise Banks, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Sunrise Banks, N.A.; Member FDIC.